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Aachamanam #ganeshamarkalam

"Achamanam pannikkongo". Vathiar says. You do. It is a simple process by which Brahmin purifies himself mentally and physically – in preparation for what to come next. Any ritual not preceded by achamanam or sanctification of human body becomes an act by a rakshas.

It is also repeated between vedic sub-processes. And towards the end. There is more to achamanam than we think. It is the first before several so has to be correct. When I read about darbhai, I also dived into a whole lot of details about achamanam. The more I learnt about achamanam the more complicated it became for me. But it was revealing how different the way I do achamanam and how far I have moved away from proper practice.

Many things we do as we live our daily life invalidate our purity. A practicing Brahmin is required to do achamanam, purify himself immediately after. In addition we also do sankalpam which is a seamless extension of achamanam. 
Books tell about many types but two broad types are smartha and puranic achamanams. The first is quick version invoking the lord 3 times or reciting the 3 parts of Gayatri. The second is elaborate, (insisted for activities such as sandhyavandhana) where we recite mantras and also touch various parts of body with specific fingers. For both, water is poured into cupped hand and swallowed 3 times.
Two important things here, water and chanting of mantra – the latter energises the former which when taken purifies Brahmin. There are Mantra and Tantra angles embedded in the purification practice.

Drinking water improves cognitive performance immediately. Before we get-up to speak in a classroom we drink a glass of water. Taking in few drops of water 2-3 times focusing on specific thoughts brings in attention and focus with little effect on our physiology. Achamanam thus invigorates the body faster.

In the extended version we add angavandhanam - saluting the body. Why should we salute our own body? It is obvious; brahmam resides inside us and we salute many ways the brahmam manifests itself and announces its presence – through: face, eyes, breath, hearing, heart, stomach and brain. Breath is the way brahmam demonstrates life and activity, metabolism in order, controlling by Brain, consciousness with heart etc. Invoking Kesava, Madhava, Trivikrama and rest is to pay obeisance to almighty which controls physical, chemichal and biological functioning of our human body. In this context I read astounding details about how Vedas viewed consciousness and matter and how invoking these names and others such as Sridhara, Padmanabha helps integrating body and soul to make the Brahman focussed and get ready for his karma.

We use alternate fingers as we progress from cheeks to eyes to nose to ears to shoulders to navel various names of Vishnu is mentioned. It is not easy to do angavandhanam unless you coordinate mind and body actions. So achamanam properly done purifies, energises you and helps you focus on the job at hand.

Achamanam is a perfect example of how science and vedic matters comes together.

I know Brahmins doing tharpanam while watching TV, Vathiar chanting Mantra interrupted by phone call he receives, using perfectly convenient ways of doing anushtanams far removed from prescribed rules. The most interesting is the speed with which Vathiar hastens the ritual by deft application of short-cuts so he can be at his next port of call on-time and the kartha can attend to other matters. One look at achamanam rules will scare any jeans-clad modern-day Brahmin, having an FB account.

For both sambradhaya of doing achamanam, the prescribed vidhis are very rigorous. Vidhis are broadly stated as Vyasa, Manu, Mareechi, Saunaka, Samvartha, Parasara, Markandheya – explaining things like, type of water to be used, directions you face, what to say when and how to do, and specifically the posture while performing achamanam. To such an extent that there are rules about what to do with left hand while you are taking water with your right, the quantity of water and if to swallow or sip. The right posture is to sit on soles of your feet and keep hands between the knees. The vidhis are clear about how to perform achamanam, and there are rules prescribing when not to do it.

Interestingly achamanam is prescribed not only for all nitya and naimittika karmas of a Brahmin but also specifies a dozen other occasions (that will occur several times during a day as part of life) when it must be performed. It would appear a true vedic period Brahmin will be only at it for better part of his waking hours. But with a purpose that is indisputable for the duties given to him.

I remember my father-in-law presenting me with a panchapatra and udhurini, and me presenting one set each to both my sons-in law. That five-leaf-water-vessel and spoon will make for an interesting post for another day. Or will not.

song for doing namaskaaram to Guruvayoorappan

கோயில் முன்னே கூடி நின்று 
கோடி ஜென்ம பாவம் தீர 
குருவாயூரப்பா உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

திருமேனி தரிசனம் 
நிர்மால்யமாகவே கண்டு 
கிரிதரா உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

சந்தனக் காப்பு கழற்றி தைலம்
பூசிக்கொண்டு நிற்கும் 
நந்த கோபாலனே உன்னை
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

எண்ணெய் ஸ்நானம் செய்து 
கையில் வாழைப்பழத்தோடு நிற்கும் 
கண்ணா உந்தன் பாதம் 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

குடம் குடமாக பாலை 
அபிஷேகம் செய்யும் வேளை 
கோவிந்தனே உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

கொண்டை மயில் பீலிமின்ன 
மஞ்சள் பட்டு கட்டிக் கொண்டு 
குழலூதும் கண்ணா உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

தெச்சி மந்தாரம் துளசி 
தாமரைப் பூமாலை சாற்றி 
அச்சுதனே உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

திவ்ய நாமம் சொல்லிக்கொண்டு 
ஸ்ரீ வேலியை சுற்றிக்கொண்டு 
ஸ்ரீதரா உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

தீரா வினை தீர்த்து வைத்து 
நான் கோரும்வரம் அளித்திடும் 
நாராயணா உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்

கோயில் முன்னே கூடி நின்று 
கோடி ஜென்ம பாவம் தீர 
குருவாயூரப்பா உன்னை 
நமஸ்காரம் செய்கின்றோம்.

Koil Munney Koodi Nindru
Kohdi Jenma Paavam Theera
Guruvaayoorappaa Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Thirumeyni Dharisanam
Nirmaalyamaagavey Kandu
Giridharaa Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Sandhana Kaappuk Kazhatri
Thailam Poosikkondu Nirkum
Nandha Gopaalaney Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Yennai Snaanam Seidhu
Kaiyil Vaazhaippazhaththohdu Nirkum
Kannaa Undhan Paadham
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Kudam Kudamaaga Paalai
Abishekam Seiyum Veylai
Govindhaney Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Kondai Mayil Peeliminna
Manjal Pattu Kattik Kondu
Kuzhaloodhum Kannaa Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Thechchi Mandhaaram Thulasi
Thaamaraip Poomaalai Saatri
Achchudhaney Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Dhivya Naamam Sollikkondu
Sri Veyliyai Sutrikkondu
Sreedharaa Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Theeraa Vinai Theerththu Vaiththu
Naan Kohrumvaram Aliththidum
Naaraayanaa Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Koil Munney Koodi Nindru
Kohdi Jenma Paavam Theera
Guruvaayoorappaa Unnai
Namaskaaram Seigindrohm.

Kamakshi stotrams with translations - Periyavaa

Dasakumara charita by Dandi in Sanskrit

Sri Rama Sthava Raja stotram with translation


Rama sthava Raja

(King of prayers addressed to Lord Rama)


Translated by




(Here is an great  prayer taken from a dilapidated book in Malayalam. From the prayer it is understood that it occurs in Sanath Kumara Samhitha. The stotra is sung by Sage Narada and has been retold by Sage Vyasa to Dharmaputhra. However in the text with translation by Sriman Kusakratha dasa , this prayer does not occur.  )



Asya Ramachandra sthava raja  stotra manthrasya sanath kumara rishi, Sri Ramo devatha, Anushtup Chanda, Sita bheejam, Hanuman Shakthi, Sri Rama preethyarthe jape Viniyoga.


For the "King of prayers addressed to lord Rama", the sage is Sanath Kumara, The god addressed is Rama, the meter is Anushtup, the root is Sita, the power is Hanuman  and this is being chanted to please Lord Rama.


Sutha Uvacha:-

Sutha said:-


Sarva sasthrartha  thathwagnam , vyasam, sathyavathee Sutham,

Dharmaputhro prahrushtathma , prathyuvacha muneeswaram.                        1


Dharma puthra in reply to the query  of ,

Vyasa who knows all shastras and Thathwa,

And who was the son of Sathyavathi  told thus.


Bhagwan, Yoginaam sreshta, Sarva shastra Vishadaradha,

Kim thathwam , Kim param japyam, kim dhyanam mukthi sadhanam,

Srothumichami  thath sarvam broohi may Muni Sathama.                                2


Oh great sir, Oh greatest yogi, Oh expert in all knowledge,

What is the essence, What should be chanted,

And by meditating on which would one get salvation,

I would very much like to know and so great sage , please tell.


Vyasa Uvacha:-

Vyasa said:-


Dharma raja, Maha bhaga, Srunu vakshyami Thwatha.                                     3

Oh king of Dharma, Oh valorous one, please here the essence.


Yath param Yath gunathhetham  yath jyothiramalm shivam,

Thadeva paramam thathwam , kaivalya pada karanam.                                   4


That which is divine, transcends three type of gunas, which is shiningly pure,

And which is the ultimate essence and leads to salvation.



Sri Ramethi param jaapyam tharakam Brahma samjakam,

Brahma hathyadhi papagnamithi Veda vidho vidhu.                                        5


The experts in Vedas tell that the greatest mantra to chant,

Is "Sri Rama" , as  it is termed as indicating Tharaka Brahmam,

And as it also completely removes sins like Brahma hathya.


Sri Rama Ramethi janaa ye Japanthi cha Sarvadhaa,

Theshaam bhukthischa, mukthischa , bhavishyathi na samsaya.                       6


Those people who always chant "Sri Rama", "Sri Rama",

Without any doubt would get victory as well as salvation and happiness.


Sthava rajam pura proktham Naradhena cha dheematha,

Thath sarvam Sampravakshyami Hari dhyana purassaram.                               7


I am going to meditate on Vishnu and start telling you,

The very ancient" king of prayers" , which was told by the great Narada.


Thapathrayagni samanam, sarvaghogha nikrunthanam,

Daridrya dukha dahanam, sarva sampth karam Shivam.                                    8


Vijanan phaladham dhivyammokshaika phala sadhanam,

Namaskruthya pravakshyami, Ramam Krishnam Jagat mayam.                        9


I am going to tell you after saluting Rama and Krishna, who are every where,

This prayer which removes three sorts of sufferings, which cures all diseases,

Which burns the sorrow due to poverty  , which grants all sort of wealth,

Which grants  great wisdom and leads to salvation.


Ayodhya nagare  ramye  rathna mandapa madhyage,

Smareth  kalpa tharor moole  rathna simhasanam shubham.                              10


Meditate the middle of the gem studded stage,

In  the beautiful city of Ayodhya ,

And then think of the gem studded throne,

In the root of the great wish giving tree.


Than madhye ashta dalam padmam , nana rathnaischa veshtitham,

Smaran madhye Dasaradhim , sahasradhithya thejasam.                                     11


Then meditate the son of Dasaratha , who shines like thousand suns,

In the middle of that,  in the lotus with eight petals, decorated by gems.


Pithuranga gatham Ramam Indra neela mani prabham,

komalangam, visalaksham Vidhyuthvarnambara vrutham.                                  12


Then meditate on Rama sitting on the lap of his father ,

Who shines like the blue sapphire of great Devendra,

Who has a pretty body, broad eyes, and wearing shining cloths.


Bhanu koti preethikasa  kireedena virajitham,

Rathna graiveya  keyura kundala manditham.                                                      13


Meditate on him,  who wears a crown shining more than billion suns,

Who wears gem studded neck ornaments and ear studs.


Rathna kankana manjeera kati suthrailankrutham,

Sri vathsa kousthubhoraskam Mukthaharopa shobhitham.                                   14


Meditate on him who wears gem studded bangles , anklets and silken threads,

And on him who wears Srivathsa and Kousthubha

On his chest and shines , wearing  a garland of beads,


Divya rathna sara yuktha mudhrikabhir alankrutham,

Raghavam dwibhujam balam rama meshath smithananam.                                   15


Meditate on him  , who ornaments him self

With several gem studded signet rings,

And on Rama  the child with two hands

And on him who makes the world smile.


Thulasi kundamandara pushapa malair alankrutham,

Karpoora garu kasthuri  divya gandhanulepanam.                                                 16


Meditate on him who wears flower garlands ,

Made of Thulasi , jasmine  and Mandhara flowers,

And on him who applies on himself scents,

Made of musk, Thulasi and other scented holy sticks.


Yoga shasthreshava bhiratham yogesam yoga dhayakam,

Sada bharatha soumithri Shathurugnair upa shobitham.                                         17


Meditate on him who is interested in science of Yoga,

And on him who is the lord of yoga and one who gives yoga,

And on him who always shines in the company of,

Bharatha, Lakshmana  and Shathrugna.


Vidhyadhara suradheesa  sidha Gandharva kinnarai,

Yogeendrair Naradaischa sthootamana maharnisam.                                              18


Meditate on him who is praised by Vidhyadharas,

Devendra , sidhas, Gandharva and Kinnaras,

And on him who is praised by great sages like Narada.


Viswamithra , vasishtadhi munibhi parisevitham,

Sanakadhi muni sreshtair yogi vrundaischa sevitham.                                             19


Meditate on him who is served by sages like Viswamithra and Vasishta,

And on the Lord who is served by groups of Yogis like sages like sanaka.


Ramam raghuvaram veeram Dhanur veda visaradham,

Mangalayathanam devam Ramam Rajeeva lochanam.                                            20


Meditate on Rama, the star of Raghu clan  who is valorous and an expert in Archery,

Meditate on Rama, the lotus eyed God who blesses us with all that is good.


Sarva sathratha  thathwagnam, Ananda kara Sundaram,

KOusalya nandhanam Ramam Dhanur bana dharam Harim.                                   21


Meditate on him who is an expert in all shastras, who makes us happy and is handsome,

And on Rama, the son of Kousalya ,  armed with bow and arrow and on Vishnu.


Evam sanchinthayan Vishnum Yajjyothir amalam vibhum,

Prahrushta manaso bhoothwa muni varya sa Narada.                                              22


Sarva loka hitharthaya thushtava Raghu nandanam,

Kruthanjali puto bhoothwa chinthayan adbutham harim.                                         23



Meditating like this on Vishnu ,  who is the lord who is pure and shining,

With a very enthralled mind,  the sage called Narada,

With folded hands  started thinking of the wonderful Vishnu,

For pleasing, the child of Raghu and for the benefit of the world.


Yadhekam yath param  nithyam yadanatham  chidathmakam,

Yadhekam vyapakam loke thad roopam chinthayamyaham.                                   24


I meditate on that form which is one, divine , perennial , endless , full of wisdom,

And on that form which is one , but spread everywhere  in the world.


Vijnana hethum Vimalayathaksham,

Prajana roopam  swa sukhiaka hethum,

Sri Ramachandram  harim Aadhi devam,

Parathparam Ramamaham Bhajami.                                                                       25


I sing about Rama who is the divine of the divines,

Who is the cause of all knowledge, who has pure and clear eyes,

Who is the form of pure wisdom  and the cause of our pleasure,

And who is Ramachandra, Hari and the primeval God.


Kavim puranam purasthath ,

Sanathanam yoginameesitharam,

Anoraneeyaam  samanantha veeryam,

Praneswaram Rama manasou Dadarsa.                                                                     26


He saw in his mind the form of the great God Rama,

Who is  the poet who wrote the story of the world,

Who is perennial , who is the ultimate goal of yogis,

Who is the atom within atom and one with inexhaustible valour.


Narayanam , Jagannatham,  Abhiramam, Jagathpathim,

Kavim puranam , vaagesam ,Ramam ,Dasarathathmajam.                                      27


Narayana, the lord of the worlds,

Who is Handsome every minute and the king of the worlds,

The most ancient poet , God of words ,

He who bewitches the mind, Son of Dasaratha.


Rajarajam , Raghuvaram, Kousalya Ananda vardhanam,

Bhargam, Varenyam, Viswesam , Raghu nadham, Jagath gurum.                           28


The king of kings, The great one of Raghu's clan,

One who increases the joy of Kousalya,

The supporter , He who is the chosen one ,

Lord of universe , The lord of Raghu clan, The teacher of the world,


Sathyam sathya priyam, Sreshtam, Janaki vallabham, Vibhum,

Soumithri poorvajam, Santham, Kamadham, Kamlekshanam.                                29


Truth, lover of truth , Greatest , Consort of Sita, Lord,

Elder brother of Lakshmana, One who is peaceful,

He who is desirable, He who has lotus like eyes,


Adithyam, Ravi meesaanam,, Granim, Soorya manaamayam,

Ananda roopinam, Soumyam, Raghavam, karunamayam.                                      30


Sun God, God of Sun God, Planet ,

He who is meditated by Sun God,

Personification of happiness, One who is peaceful,

He who belongs to Raghu clan, He who is full of mercy.


Jamadagnyam, Thapomurthim, Ramam, Parasu Dharinam,

Vakpathim, Varadham, Vachyam, ,Srepathim, Pakshi vahanam.                           31


Son of Jamadagni, He who does Thapas,

Parasurama, He who carries an axe,

Lord of words, he who blesses,

He who is spoken to, He who rides on a bird,


Sri Sarnga dharinam, Ramam, Chinmayananda vigraham,

Hala drug Vishnu meesanam,Balaramam, Krupa nidhim,                                      32


He who carries the Saranga mace,

Bala Rama, The form of eternal happiness,

He who carries the plough , He who is God Vishnu,

Balarama, Treasure house of mercy,


Sree vallabham , krupa nadham,, Jagna mohanamachyutham,

Mathsya koorma varahaadhi ropa dharinam, avyayam,                                        33


Consort of Lakshmi , Lord with mercy,

He who bewitches the world, Achyutha,

He who took the forms of fish, tortoise

And wild boar, he who is stable,


Vasudevam, Jagadyoni, anadhi nidhanam, Harim,

Govindam, Gopathim, Vishnum, Gopi jana manoharam,                                     34


He who is Vasudeva, He who is the creator of universe,

He who is most ancient , Hari,

Govinda, Lord of cows, He who is peaceful ,

He who steals the mind of Gopis


Go gopala parivaram, Gopa kanya samavrutham,

Vidhyuth punjapratheekasam, Ramam, Krishnam, Jagan mayam.                        35


One having cows and cowherds as family,

One who is surrounded by Gopis,

One who appears like a streak of lightning,

Rama, Krishna, One who is throughout the world.


Go gopika samakeernam, Venu vadana thath param,

Kama roopam, Kalavantham, Kamini kamadham Vibhum,                                 36


One who is with cows and cowherd girls,

One who is interested in playing the flute,

One who is attractive appearance, One who is artistic,

The Lord who is loved by pretty sweethearts,


Manmadham, Madhuranadham, Madhawam, Makaradwajam,

Sridharam, Srikaram, Srisam, Srinivasam, Parathparam,                                    37


God of love, Lord of sweetness, Madhawa, One who has fish as flag,

One who carries Lakshmi , One who grants wealth , One who is the God of Lakshmi , One in whom Lakshmi lives, One who is most divine,


Bhoothesam, Bhoopathim, Bhadram , Vibhoothim Bhoothi Bhoshanam,

Sarva dukha haram veeram , Dushta dhanava vairinam,                                       38


The Lord of all beings, The king ,

One who ensures safety , One whose divinity is our ornament,

The valorous one who removes all sorrows,

One who is the enemy of bad Rakshasas,


Sri Nrusimham , Maha bahum , mahantham, Deeptha thejasam, 

Chidananda mayam , nithyam , pranavam , Jyothi roopinam,                                39                      


The man-lion, One who has strong hands ,

One who is very great , One who shines like light,

One who is completely divine , one who is forever ,

One who is "Om", One who has the form of light,


Aadhithya mandala gatham , nischithartha swaroopinam,

Bhaktha priyam , Bhaktha nethram, Bhakthanaam meepsitha prabhum,                   40


One who goes to the solar system,

One who has a definite form,

One who loves his devotees, One who is the eye of his devotee,

The Lord who attracts devotees.


Kousalyeyam, kala moorthim, kakustham, Kamala priyam,

Simhasane samaseenam , Nithya Vrutha , makalmasham.                                         41


Son of Kousalya, Adept in arts,

One who belongs to Kakustha clan, Dear one to Lakshmi,

He who sits on the throne , He who observes penance daily ,

He who does not have any flaw.


Viswamithra priyam Dhantham Swadhara niyatha vrutham,

Yagnesam , Yagna purusham, Yagna pavana thathparam,                                        42


He who is dear to sage Viswamithra,

He who is restrained, He who supports himself, He who has daily penance,

He who is Lord of Yagna, He who is addressed by Yagna ,

He who is particular about purity of Yagna.


Sathya sandham, Jitha krodham, Saranagatha vathsalam,

Sarva klesapaharanam , Vibheeshana vara pradham.                                                43


He who is truthful, He who has won over anger,

He who likes those who surrender to him,

He who steals away all problems,

He who gave boons to Vibheeshana.


Dasa greva haram, roudhram, Kesavam , Kesi mardhanam,

Bali pradhamanam, Veeram , Sugreevepsitha rajyadham.                                          44


He who killed Ravana, Kesava, He who killed Kesi,

He who won over Bali , He who is valorous,

He who gave kingdom to Sugreeva.


Nara vanara devaischa sevitham, Hanumath priyam,

Shudham, Sookshmam, Param, Santham , THaraka brhama roopinam.                      45


He who is served by men, monkeys and devas,

He who is dear to Hanuman,

He who is pure, He who is minute, He who is divine ,

He who is peaceful, He who has the form of Tharaka Brahma.


Sarva bhoothathma bhoothastham , Sarvadhaaram, Sanathanam,

Sarva karana kartharam, Nidhanam, Prakruthe param,                                                46


He who is in all beings, he who is the basis of everything ,

He who is ancient,

He who is the boss of all causes, He who is systematic,

He who is by nature divine,


Niramayam, nirabhaasam Niravadhyam, Niranjanam,

Nithyanandam, Nirakaram Adhwaitham, Thamasa param.                                       47


Free from disease, Free from all that is bad ,

He who is many , He who is free from sorrow,

He who is always happy, He who does not have any form ,

He who does not have two, He who is divine beyond darkness,


Parath para tharam  thathwam , sathyanandam chidathmakam,

Manasa sirasa nithyam pranamami Raghoothamm,                                                 48


He whose principle is most divine , he who enjoys truth ,

He who is the divinity of the soul,

I salute the great one of Raghu clan who is such a one *

And salute him both by head and mind .

               *described by the names given above


Soorya mandala madhyastham Ramam, Seetha samanwitham,

Namami Pundarikakaksha mayam guru thath param.                                              49


I salute he who has lotus like eyes and respects his teacher,

He who is Rama who is in the middle of  the solar system,

And who is with his consort Goddess Sita.


Namosthu Vasudevaya, Jyothishaam pathaye Nama,

Namosthu Rama devaya Jagad Ananda rooopine.                                                    50



Salutations to Vasudeva, Salutations to king of planets,

Salutations to Lord Rama who makes he entire world happy.


Namo vedantha nishhtaya Yogine Brahma vadhine,

Maya maya nirasaya  prapanna jana sevine.                                                               51


Salutations to him who is in Vedantha, To the Yogi,

To him who knows Vedas, To him who forsakes illusion,

And to him who has left the world but does work for people.


Vandamahe Mahesaanaam Chanda Kodanda Khandanam,

Janaki hrudayananda vardhanam, Raghu Nandanam.                                                 52


We salute him  who broke the bow of Lord Shiva,

To him who increases happiness in the mind of Sita,

And to him who is the son of the great Raghu clan.


Uthphullamala Komalathpala dala shyamaya Ramaya they,

Kamaya pramadha manohara guna gramaya Ramathmane,

Yogarooda muneendra manasa sarohamsaya Samsara,

Vidhwamsaya sphura dhojase Raghukulothamsaya pumse nama.                            53-54


Salutations to the Rama who has the pretty black colour of fully open blue lotus,

Salutations to Rama  who is the love God who can steal the mind of women,

Salutations to Rama who is the swan playing in the lake of the mind of great saints,

Salutations to the greatest of Raghu clan , who can destroy the ills of ordinary life.


Bhavodh bhavam veda vidhaam varishtaam, Adhithya chandra anala suprabhavaam,

Sarvathmakam  sarva gatha swaroopam Namami ramam Thamasa parasthad.          55


Salutations to him who was born from the primeval cause,

To him who has the joint shine of moon, sun and fire,

To him who is the soul of all,

To him who has the form which goes everywhere,

And to him who is Rama who has killed all  base qualities,


Niranjanam nishprathimam nireeham Nirasrayam Nishkalamaprapancham,

Nithyam dhruvam nirvishaya swaroopam Nirantharam Ramam Aham Bhajami.       56


Salutations to Rama who is without sin, comparison,

Body , dependence and not connected with this world,

Salutations to him who is deathless, who is always there,

Whose form is beyond aspects and  who is permanent


Bhavabdhi potham, Bharahagrajam, Tham Bhaktha priyam, Bhanu kula pradheepam,

Bhootha trinadham, Bhuvanadhipam, tham Bhajami Ramam Bhava roga vaidhyam.  57


Salutations to Rama , who is the boat to cross the sea of birth,

Who is elder brother to Bharatha,

Who loves his devotees , Who is the light of the clan of Sun,

Who is the lord to the trinity, who is the Lord of the world 

And who is the doctor who cures , the ills of birth.


Sarvadhipathyam, Samaraanga dheeram, Nithyam, Cidananda maya swaroopam,

Sathyam, Shivam, Shanthi mayam, Saranyam, Sanathanam, Ramamaham Bhajami.  58


I pray Lord Rama, who is the lord of all,

Who is brave in the battle field, who is permanent ,

Who has a form of divine joy,

Who is truth , who is peace, who is occupied by peace ,

Who accepts surrender and  Who is ancient .


Karya karanamaprameyam  , kavim, puraanam , Kamalayathaksham,

Kumara vedhyam, Karunamayam, tham Kalpa dhrumam , Ramamaham Bhajami.     59


I pray Lord Rama who is the cause of all actions,

Who cannot be known, Who is a treasure,

Who is ancient , who has lotus like eyes,

Who is known as young , who is full of pity 

And who is the wish giving tree.


Trilokyanadham, Saraseeruhaksham , Dhayanidhim , Dwandwa vinasa hethum,

Mahabalam, Vedavidhim, Suresam , sanathanam , Ramam aham Bhajami.              60


I pray Lord Rama, who is the lord of three worlds,

Who has lotus like eyes, who is a treasure of mercy,

Who destroys the feeling of two,

Who is very strong , Who made the Vedas.

Who is the lord of devas, and who is very ancient.


Vedantha vedhyam, kavimeesitharamanadhi madyantha chinthya Madhyam,

Agocharam , nirmala meka roopam  Namani ramam Thamasa parasthath.                 61


I pray Rama, who has crossed the baser qualities,

Who is being studied by Vedantha,

Who is the treasure of knowledge , Who is God ,

Who does not have beginning middle or end,

Who cannot be seen, Who is pure, Who has a single form


Asesha Vedhathmakamadhi  samgnamajam Harim, Vishnumananthmadhyam,

Apara samvid sukha meka roopam Parath param Ramamaham Bhajami.                     62


I pray Rama whose soul is Veda , who is the primeval God,

Who is Hari who does not know, who is Vishnu,

Who is endless, who is the first,

Whose form is of immeasurable divine wisdom,

And who is  greater than the greatest.


Thathwa swaroopam purusham puranam swathejasa pooritha viswamekam,

Rajadhi rajam , ravi mandalastham, Visweswaram Ramam Aham Bhajami.                63


I pray that Rama  , who is the form of philosophy ,

Who is the primeval man, who is ancient,

Whose splendour occupies the entire world,

Who is the king of kings , who is in the solar system,

And the Lord of all the worlds.


Lokabhiramam, Raghu vamsa nadham , Harim, Chidananda mayam Mukundam,

Asesha vidhyathipathim, kaveendram , namami ramam Parasthath.                              64


I salute that Rama who is prettiest in the world,

Who is the lord of Raghu clan, Who is Hari,

Who is full of divinity, Who is Mukunda,

Who is the lord of all knowledge 

And  who is the king among poets .


Yogeendra sangaischa , susevyamanam, Narayanam, Nirmalamadhi devam,

Nathosmi nithyam jagadhekanaadham mdhithya varnam thamasa purasthath.              65


I daily salute that Rama who is well served by groups of great sages,

Who is Narayana, who is pure, who is primeval God,

Who is the one God of the universe , who is of the colour of Sun,

And who is beyond the baser qualities.


Vibhoothidham , Viswasrujam , Viramam, Rajendrameesam , Raghu vamsa nadham,

Achinthya mavyaktha  manantha moorthim , jyothirmayam , Ramamaham Bhajami.    66


I pray Rama, who gives wealth , who is the creator of the universe,

Who does not have rest, who is the greatest among kings,

Who is God , who is the Lord of Raghu clan,

Who is endless, not clear and unimaginable and who is full of light.


Asesha samsara  vihara heenam, Aadhithyagam ,Poorna sukhadi ramam,

SAmastha sakshim , thamasa purasthan narayanam Vishnu maham Bhajami.                 67


I pray Lord Vishnu, who is beyond the plays of domestic life,

Who is in the Solar system, who enjoys perfect bliss,

Who is witness of everything  and who is beyond the baser qualities.


Muneendra guhyam , paripoorna kamam , kala nidhim , kalmasha nasa hethum,

Prathparam paramam, pavithram Namami Ramam Mahatho Mahantham.                      68


I salute that Rama, who is secret even for great sages,

Who has fulfilled all his desires, who is store house of arts ,

Who is the one who destroys sins,

Who is most divine , who is the greatest, who is pure

And who is greater than the greatest.


Brahma Vishnuscha Rudrascha Devendro Devathasthadha,

Adhithyadhi grahaschaiva Thwameva Raghu Nandana.                                                  69


Oh son of Raghu clan, You are Brahma, Vishnu , Shiva, Devendra and Devas,

And you are also all the planets in solar system.


Thapasa Rishaya , Sidha, Sadhyascha, Maruthasthadha,

Vipra, Devasthadha, Yagna, Purana , Dharma Samhitha,                                                 70


Those who do Thapas, sages, Sidhas, Sadhyas, Maruths,

Brahmins, devas, Yagnas, epics , Books dealing about Dharma,


Varnasramaasthadha, Dharmam, Varna dharma sthaiva cha,

Yaksha , Rakshasa, Gandharwa, Dik pala, Digajjadhaya.                                                 71


The different stages of life, Dharma, Dharma of different Varnas,

Yakshas, Rakshasas, Gandharwas, Guardian of directions, the elephants of directions,


Sanakadhi muni sresta  sthwmeva, RAghu pungava,

Vasvoshtou  thraya kala , Rudra Ekadasa smrutha.                                                           72


Great sages like Sanaka , eight Vasus , three periods,

And eleven Rudhras all meditate on you, Oh lord of Raghu clan.


Tharaka, dasa dik chaiva thwameva Raghu Nandana,

Saptha dweepa  SAmudhrascha maha nadhya sthada druma,                                         73


The stars, the ten directions are only  you Son of Raghu clan,

And so are the seven islands ,  oceans , mountains , great rivers , trees,


Sthavara Jangamaschaiva  thwameva Raghu Nayaka,

Devathiryang manushyanam Dhanavaanam thadaiva cha.                                            74


Oh Lord of Raghu clan you are all that moves and also do not move.

You are also devas, thiryaks,  human beings and Asuras.


Matha, pitha, bratha, thwameva Raghu Vallabha,

Sarvesham thwam para brahma  thwanmayam sarvameva hi.                                       75


Oh Lord of Raghu clan, you are father , mother and elder brother,

You are the  Para Brahma and you are spread every where.


Thwamaksharam param jyothi Thwameva Puroshathama,

Thwameva tharakam brahma , thwatho anyanaiva kinchana.                                         76


You are indestructible , you are divine light, Oh Purushothama,

You are Tharaka Brahma  and there is nothing except you.


Santham sarva gaham sookshmam , Param brahma snathanam,

Rajeeva lochanam  Ramam pranamami jagath pathim.                                                   77


I salute Rama, the Lord of Universe , who is peaceful.

Who goes everywhere, who is micro entity and

Who is the beginning less Para Brahma.



Vyasa Uvacha:-

Vyasa told:-


Thatha prasanna Sri Rama , provacha muni pungavam,

THushtosmi Muni Sardhoola Vrushneeshwa vara muthamam.                                      78


Pleased with this Rama told the great sage,

"I am happy  oh great sage , please ask for good boons."


Narada Uvacha:-

Naraada told:-


Yadhi Thushtosi Sarvagna, Sri Rama Karuna nidhe,

Thwan moorthi dharasane naiva Krutharthoham cha sarvadha.                                     79


Hey  Rama who is a treasure of mercy, If you are happy , hey all knowing one,

Seeing you in person would make me contended and happy always.


Dhanyoham , krutha kruthyoham , punyoham purushothama,

Adhya may saphalam janma jeevitham saphalancha may.                                              80


Adhya may saphalam jnanamadhya  mama saphalam thapa,

Adhya may saphalam karma thwad padambhoja darshanath,                                          81


Adhya may saphalam sarvam thwa nama smaranam thadha,

Thwad padombhoruha dwandwa sad bhakthim dehi Raghava.                                        82


Hey  greatest among men, I am blessed, met with success and have done blessed deeds,

And now my birth and life have met with success,

Now  my Thapas  has succeeded by getting of wisdom,

Now  my actions have met with success by seeing your lotus like feet,

Now all my activities have succeeded because of remembering your name,

And so Oh Rama , please give me constant devotion to your lotus like feet,

Thus told Narada  to the very highly pleased Lord Rama.


Thatha parama sampreetha  sa rama praha Naradam.                                                       83


The very highly pleased Rama told as follows to Narada.


Munivarya maha bhaga , mune twisham dhadhami they,

Yathwaya chepsitham sarvam manasa thad bhavishyathi.                                                84


Oh Sage who is great , I give you  all that you wish,

Whatever you want by your mind would be fulfilled.


Narada Uvacha:-

Narada said:-


Varam nay ache Raghu nadha  yushmath padabhja bhakthi sathatham mamasthu,

Idham priyam nadha varam prayache  puna puna asthwami idhameva yache.                 85


I do not want any boon  but my devotion to your flower like feet should  be there,

And I only request this dear boon from you  and again and again I request you only this.


Ithyavameeditho Ramo pradath thasmai  varantharam,

Veero Ramo  maha thejo , sachidananda vigraha.                                                            86


Advaitham amalam jnanam  swa nama smaranam thadha,

Andhar dhadhou Jganndha purathasthasya Raghava.                                                     87


Requested like this , Rama gave him the boon he requested,

And the valorous Rama  who is resplendent  and one who has a divine form.

Gave him pure wisdom of  Brahmam  and thought about his name  in his mind,

And vanished from the sight of sage Narada.


Ithi Sri Raghu nadhasya sthava rajamanuthamam,

SArva soubhagya  sampathi dhayakam mukthidham shubham.                                     88


This is the king of prayers addressed to the Lord of Raghu clan,

And would give all luck, all wealth as well as great salvation.


Kadhitham Brahma puthrena Vedanaam saramuthamam,

Guhyad guhyathamam  divyam thava snehath prakeerthitham.                                     89


I have sung this stotra which has been told by Narada, the son of Brahma,

Which contains essence of Vedas  and which is secret of secrets,

Because of the great love that I have towards you.


Ya padeth  srunyadwapi Trisandhyam sradhayanwithou,

Brhama hathyadhi paapani  thad samani bahooni cha,                                                   90


Swarnstheyam  Surapanam Guruthalpa gathi sthadha,                                                  

Govadhad yupa paapani anruthath sambhavani cha,                                                       91


Sarvai pramuchyathe paapai  kalpayudha shathod bhavai.,

Manasam vachikam papam  karmana samuparjitham.                                                     92


Sri Rama Smaranenaiva  thath kshanath nasyathi dhruvam,

Idham sathyamidham  sathyam  sathyamethadhi hochyathe.                                           93


If this is read or heard with attention at dawn, noon and dusk,

Brahma hathya* sin and other sins of that order,

Theft of gold , drinking of alcohol , talking ill of one's guru,

Killing of cow and such subsidiary sins , even if done knowingly

And even if accumulated over several births ,would be got rid off.

Sins committed and accumulated either by mind or by words or body ,

Just by the thought of Rama would be immediately destroyed.

This is the truth , this is the truth and this is the truth.

             *Killing of a Brahmin


Rama Sathya Param Brahma , Ramath kinchinna vidhyathe,

Thasmad Rama swaroopam hi sathyam, sathyamidham Jagath.                                      94


Rama is the true divine Brahmam , without him nothing can be known,

So Rama is the real truth , and it is the truth of this world.


Sri Ramachandra, Raghu pungava Raja Varya,

Rajendra Rama Raghu nayaka  Raghavesa,

Rajadhi raja Raghu Nandana Ramachandra,

Dasohamadhya bhavatha saranagathosmi.                                                                      95                                             


Hey Ramachandra, Hey great one of Raghu clan, Hey great king,

Hey King of kings. Hey Rama, Hey Lord of Raghu clan, Hey God of Raghu clan,

Hey emperor , Hey child of Raghu clan , Hey Ramachandra,

I who am  your slave has surrendered to you.


Vaidehi sahitham  suradhuruma thale Haime Maha mandape,

Madhye  pushpa kruthasane , mani maye veerasane samsthitham,

Agre vaachayathi prabhanjana sutheThathwam muneendra param,

Vyakhyatham bharathathibhi parivrutham Ramam Bhaje Shyamalam.                         96  


I sing about that black coloured Rama , who is with Sita,

Who sits below the wish giving tree, in the golden stage,

On the valorous gem studded throne , on the seat made of flowers,

And is surrounded by Bharatha and others  and  in front of whom,

Hanuman reads the great philosophy, Written by great sages .


Ramam rathna kundala kireeta yutham, keyura haaranvitham,

Sitalankrutha  vama bhagam amalam , simhasanastham vibhum,

Sugreevadhi  hareeswarai , sura ganai sam sevyamanam sadha,

Viswamithra parasarathi munibhisamsthuyumanam Prabhum,                                      97


Sakala guna nidhanam  Yogibhi sthuyamanam,

Bhuja vijitha samanam Rakkshasendradhi maanam,

Ahitha nrupa bhayaanaam,Sithaya shobha maanam,

Smara hrudhaya vimanam , Brahma ramabhidhanam.                                                    98



Oh heart , remember that Lord Rama, who is Para Brahmam,

Who wears gem studded ear studs , crown armlets and garland,

Who is pure, Whose left side is decorated by the presence of Sita,

Who is the Lord sitting on the throne , Who is always served,

By monkey Lord like Sugreeva ,  and groups of devas,

Who is the Lord who is being praised by sages like Viswamithra and Parasara,

Who is store house of all that is good, who is prayed by great yogis,

Who won battles due to his strength , who is the death to Rakshasa kings,

Who is feared by bad kings  and  who adds luster to his consort Sita.


Raghu vara thava moorthir maamake Maanasabhje,

Naraka gathi haram they namadheyam mukhe may,

Anisamathulya bhakthya masthakam thwath  padabhje,

Bhava jala nidhi magnam  raksha mamaartha bandho.                                                  99


Oh Rama , your form occupies my mind fully,

Your name that destroys hell occupies my face,

And my head with incomparable devotion falls at your feet,

And so God who is the friend of down trodden ,

Save me from the this ocean of births and deaths.


Ramarathnamaham Vande Chithrakoota pathim harim,

Kousalya bhakthi sambhootham , Janaki kanda bhooshanam.                                    100


I salute the gem called Rama , who is Lord Vishnu of Chithrakoota,

Who was born out of the devotion of Kousalya ,

And who is the ornament in the neck of Goddess Sita.


Ithi Sanathkumara samhithayam , naradhoktham  Sri Ramachandra sthava raja stotram sampoornam.


Thus ends the king of prayers addressed to Rama which was told by Narada and which occurs in Sanathkumara Samhitha.