Thursday, June 10, 2021

Battle drums -positive story

*Play the Battle Drums*

A king had many elephants, but one elephant was very powerful, very obedient, sensible and skillful in fighting skills. In many wars, he was sent on the battlefield and he would return only after being victorious. He was the most loved elephant of the king. Time went by and the elephant started getting old. He wasn't able to perform as before. The king did not send him to the battlefield anymore but he still remained a part of the king's team.

The elephant once went to the lake for a drink. His feet got stuck in the mud there and he started sinking into it. He tried a lot, but he couldn't pull himself out of the mud. People knew the elephant was in trouble by the sound of his screams. The news also reached the king. The king and the people gathered around the elephant and made various efforts to get him out. But there was no way out.
An old retired minister from the King's court was passing by. He stopped on seeing the king. After understanding the situation, he spoke to the king and suggested that the *battle drums* be played around the lake. The listeners felt bizarre how the trapped elephant would come out by playing the drums. However, as soon as the drums of war started ringing, there was a change in the behaviour of the troubled elephant.
The elephant slowly stood up and then pulled himself out of the mud on his own, shocking everyone.

There wasn't a lack of physical ability in the elephant. Just the need to infuse enthusiasm within was required. 
To maintain enthusiasm in life, it is necessary that humans maintain a purposeful thinking & mindset and do not let despair dominate.

In today's challenging times, we all need to infuse enthusiasm in ourselves & the people around us by playing the battle drums. We need to Celebrate Abundance of good health, Joy & Happiness.

Stop asking people how these tough times are treating them. Instead share the happy moments and the interesting things that are happening around.
There are a lot of good things happening around. Let's be grateful for those.

Make sure *the battle drums* are played not to indicate war but to declare victory in the battle of difficult times with the support of the wonderful people around.
Keep Moving Ahead......

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