Friday, November 1, 2019

There is no bad mother- Aapadi kim karaneeyam- HH Bharati teertha of Sringeri

Short Messages from Sringeri Jagadgurus - Sringeri Jagadguru on the Greatness of Jaganmata  - The Divine Mother:

The Jagadguru said that in times of difficulty, it is natural for anyone to remember his or her mother for no one desires a child's good more than the mother. Even if her child has fallen into evil ways, the mother will always desire only good for her child. Such is the greatness of the mother.

Bhagavatpada has said – कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता न भवति. Emphasizing the greatness of the Divine Mother, our ancestors have said –

आपदि किं करणीयम् ? स्मरणीयं चरणयुगलम् अम्बायाः ।
तत्स्मरणं किं कुरुते ? ब्रह्मादीनपि किङ्करी कुरुते ।

What does one need to do in times of danger? One has to remember the Lotus Feet of the Goddess. What does such remembrance bring about? It helps overcome all miseries and leads to fulfillment in life.

The Divine Mother can relieve one from all kinds of troubles. Even if one is on the verge of insolvency, or faces impending arrest, or even faces the death penalty, prayers towards the Goddess will bring about one's welfare.

बन्धे वधे महति मृत्युभये प्रसक्ते वित्तक्षये च विविधे महोपतापे ।
यत्पादपूजनमिह प्रतिकारमाहुः सा मे समस्तजननी शरणं भवानी ॥

Many people complain that they have undertaken various efforts to alleviate their suffering but they continue to suffer. They blame the Shastras but do not realize that they have little faith in the efficacy of these solutions provided by the Shastras. They undertake the efforts with a lack of Shraddha. Sri Adi Shankaracharya has explained Shraddha as the acceptance of truth in the statements of the Shastras and the Guru – शास्त्रस्य गुरुवाक्यस्य सत्यबुद्ध्याऽवधारणा । सा श्रद्धा कथिता सद्भिः । Hence one must pray to the Divine Mother with Shraddha.

It is also essential to remember that the same Goddess sports different names and forms at different places. She is Meenakshi in Madurai, Sharada in Sringeri, Annapoorna in Kashi, Mookambika in Kollur, Mahalakshmi in Kolhapur etc. When we do Sahasranama Archana to the Goddess, are we chanting the names of 1000 different Goddesses? Hence it is the same Goddess who resides in all these Kshetrams. The Jagadguru then said it is the same Goddess who resides in Kodimangalam under the names of Seetalakshmi and Balatripurasundari. One must obtain Shreyas by worshipping Her with intense devotion. That intensity is very essential to getting benefitted. Puja must not be mechanical or for mere exhibition. Even if you only worship for a short time, focus the mind completely on God.

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