Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ko ruk Ko ruk.. Who is free from disease?

कोऽरुक् कोऽरुक् कोऽरुक् 

हितभुग् मितभुग् जितेन्द्रियो नियतः।
कोऽरुक् कोऽरुक् कोऽरुक् 
शतपदगामी च वामशायी च॥

(Dhanvantari had gone to the forest to collect medicinal herbs when a bird on a tree above cried thrice) 
"Who is free from ailment?" 
(Dhanvantari assumed the bird was addressing the question to him, so replied) 
(He) who eats nutritious food, who eats moderately, who has his senses under control, who is disciplined. 
(The bird cried thrice yet again to which he further replied) 
(He) who walks a hundred steps and sleeps on his left side.

There is also another version for this..

कोऽरुक् कोऽरुक् कोऽरुक् 

हितभुग् मितभुग् ऋतुभुग् |

Where is disease? Where is disease? Where is disease?

हितभुग् - One who eats what is beneficial to him

मितभुग् - One who eats moderately

 ऋतुभुग् - One should take his food according to the rithu or seasons.

This is supposed to be stated in Ayurveda  to Susruta by dhanvantari bhagavan.