Sunday, August 9, 2015

Durmarga Charadamula

Courtesy:Sri.Anand Vasudevan


We are glad to share the krithi "Durmarga Charadamula" composed by Sri Tyagaraja.

Through this Krithi we can understand the mood of Sri Thyagaraja. He is not attracted by money or wealth. For him worshipping the Lord is of paramount importance than any others. His main and only purpose is to worship the Lord. So when he sees people in the Royal Court whose aim is only to earn money and accumulate wealth through any means, who barter their skills for money, he gets anger. 

Thyagaraja says he cannot praise those wicked people who tread the path of evil, who dedicate their literacy works in the court of unworthy men. He says when Lord Rama is there who grants all the wishes, food grains and wealth why he should praise such wretched persons.

We too can see many people like this in our life too, who are ready to sacrifice anything to earn money by any means.

The lyrics with meaning and the audio link sung by Sri Maharajapuram Santhanam is shared in the given link.

Let us pray to Lord Rama that we should never fall in such a trap in our life.


Durmaarga Charaadhamula – Sri Thyagaraja – Raga : Ranjani


Durmaarga Charaadhamulanu Dora Neevana Jaalara

I cannot praise those wicked people, who tread the path of evil, as my Lord. 


Dharmaatmaka Dhana Dhaanyamu Daivamu Neevai Undaga

O embodiment of virtue! Knowing that you are the dispenser of wealth and food grains (How can I praise others?)


Paluku Botini Sabhalona Pathita Maanavula Kosage
Khalula Nechchata Pogadani Shrikara Thyaagaraaja Vinutha 

I cannot praise those degraded men who dedicate their literacy works in the court of unworthy men.