Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adi (Ashadha) Krithika - Rare Hymn On Lord Kartikeya

Courtesy:Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. Adi (Ashadha) Krithika falls on Saturday (08-Aug-2015) which symbolizes victory of good over evil and an occasion to worship Lord Kartikeya. In this connection, I am glad to attach a rare hymn on Lord Kumara taken from Sri Shiva Mahapuranam, Rudra Samhita, Kumara Khanda, and Chapter 6.

We have seen many references to Lord Kartikeya from various purans over the last few years - including the one prescription by Varaha Puranam to pray to Lord Vishnu in the form of Shad-vaktra (6-faced) with the 6 most important names of Lord Kartikeya, underlying the universal truth of Sanatana Dharma that the forms are many but Lord is One. The same Varaha Purana, a Vaishnavite Manual, dismisses perceived differences between Vishnu and Shiva and tags those who harbor such differences as "Adhamas". Though such endeavors may be the past time of wicked dissectionists, they try to keep peeling the onion and end up at naught.  It may be wise to leave such wasteful endeavors in the good hands of those who have nothing better to do in life.

May We pray to the One and Only Almighty in the form of Lord Kartikeya on this auspicious Adi Krithika day!