Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brahmasri Sathanur Krishnamurthi Ghanapatigal


क्षेमः  प्रियाः !! नमः उभयकुशलोपरि l 
Carama shlokas for sathanur brahmashrI Krishnamurti Ghana pAThi of jambukeshvaram (thiruvanaikovil) who shed his mortal coil on Saturday, 18th April 2015.

This wreath of sanskrit versified flowers was laid on him on his tenth day ritual viz. 27th April 2015 by my humble self. 

1. स्वातीनक्षत्रे तनूज:   सुब्रह्मण्यात्मा विशिष्ट: । राष्ट्रभर्त्रा मानितस्सन् बिरुद्भूषणो विरेजे ।। sathanur brahmashrI Krishnamurti Ghana pAThi was born in swaatii star as the excellent son of brahmashrI Subrahmanya shaastri (we have heard of Swazi thirunaaL mahArAjA in the music world). He was honored by the president of India and in turn he shone well as he adorned the titles. (The titles did not decorate him)

[As per thirukkural  in tamil
தோன்றிற் புகழொடு தோன்றுக அஃதிலார் தோன்றலிற்தோன்றாமை நன்று. This happened in his life. In the bhagavad giitaa 11.33 lord krishna says utthiShTha, yasho labhasva ! Please rise, get fame! This is how this great soul did. ]
       2. भारद्वाजवंशवृक्ष: सूते रत्नं वेदभाष्यम् । मणयो भूत्वा वयं सु कृतिन: प्रकाशिताश्च ।। 
           He is a fructifying tree of bamboos in the gotram of bhaaradwaja and it gave birth to gems of fruits viz. the commentary on the scriptures. Thus we (as disciples) are fortunate to become shining gems. 
3.  सात्तनूर्ग्रामीण: स्वार्थं  किमपि चिन्तयन्      पाठयन् गायन् गच्छन् नो बहु पठन् लिखन् ।
           वेदविद्याचार्यालंकार इति भूषितो         भाष्यरत्नं सन्मानं प्राप बहुसंस्थया । ।
He belonged to sathanur village and he never was selfish (no swaartham) in whatever he thought, taught, sang, went, read voraciously and wrote. He was accorded a long title as "Veda-vidya-AcArya-alamkAra" meaning 'an ornament to the preceptors of scriptural wisdom' and he received many an honor like "bhAShya -ratnam" from many organizations. (Since all these verbal roots used here are parasmaipadii,    (धातु: सर्वा परस्मैपदी) he was selfless!) (today villagers are also selfish in nature)
4. न कृष्णो येन रामोSपि गुरोराज्ञा न लंघिता । तृप्तिसन्तुष्टिपूर्णस्स: श्रेय:परमवाप हि ।।
He was neither krishna  ( as he was fair in complexion! and he never broke his own promise !) though his name is krishna  nor rAma as he never transgressed his father's or his teachers' order. He was fully and happily contented and it is no wonder he attained the highest prosperity.
(He never spoke untruth) (after giving all advise to Arjuna and us, lord Krishna never was contented and happy because none followed his advice! So he was अतृप्त: असंतुष्टश्च ! ) 
(In ayodhyaa kANDa of rAmAyaNam, we find these words
41-46 तिष्ठेति राजा चुक्रोश । king dasharatha cried at the top of his voice "stop" to rAma and sumantra. But  rAma said to the driver thus
41-47 याहि याहीति  go go / move further fast 
नाश्रौषमिति राजानमुपालब्धोपि वक्ष्यसि । you will say to the king later even when admonished that you did not hear him! 
( please see n hear his talk in you tube video on mahaa periyavA - shall give u link later)
5. अयं कृष्णो मूर्तिमान् वै यद्वंश: करोति गानम् । वैदिकं निशम्य सर्वे भवामो गोपा इहैव ।।
He is a true embodiment / the very personification of lord krishna (in flesh and blood ) as his race / flute (vamsha) gives the melody of the scriptures by which hearing, all of us become the cowherds here itself (as the protectors / saviors of the spiritual knowledge to continue his tradition as our duty गां / ज्ञानं +पान्ति= गोपा: ) [His entire lineage from his manes until now with his son, grandson sings the glory of the scriptures]
6. श्रीकाशीवेदपारायणसमितेर्वेदमणिर् न  भूतो न भविष्यति ।
   प्रणामं  च प्रतिगृह्णातु मामकं प्रह्लादितं  नरेषु साधुसिह्मस्स: ।।
He is the "gem of the scriptures" as honored by the
'Veda pArAyaNa samiti' in vArANasI (kAshI). No other person was thus honored by the organization. Such a person never was and never will be. May the best among men , a soft lion, accept my humble and joyful salutation. ( The scriptural spell न  भूतो न भविष्यति refers particularly to lord Lakshmi nRsihma {man-lion} incarnation and hence my salutation is a prahlAda )
brahmashrI shaastri never was irascible and so never showed his ire to any one. 

7. अन्तिमस्मृत्यां च तस्य दृढगात्रसिद्धिरस्तु  । इत्याशीर्वाचा दयावान् परक्षेमार्थी विमान्य:।।
His last words were "be successful in health" in his final memory and so by his blessing utterance, he showed his mercifulness and his concern for others' welfare. Thus he was highly respectable. 

8. सपत्नीको योSसपत्न: वात्सल्येन पूरितस्सन् । दैवतं सोSयं  परं नु कमुपास्महे यजेम ।।
He with his spouse had no enemy in life as he was always filled with the mother's filial affection(towards all). (Now) he has become a deity and whom else shall we worship and adore?!

The word सपत्नी has been changed into असपत्न opposite as it were !
His wife passed away a year earlier. 

9.   अब्देSस्मिन् नवमन्मथे दिनमणौ मेषंगते पाण्डरे
           प्राथम्यां स्थिरवासरे प्रथमनक्षत्रे भिषक्पक्षगे ।

     ब्रह्मश्रीघनपाठिकृष्णमहनीयो शास्त्रिवर्यो वर:

             प्राचार्यस्य कृपावशाद्धिषणधीर्भेजे पदं शाश्वतम् ।। (शार्दूलविक्रीडितम् वृत्तम् )
brahmashrI ghana pAThI Krishnamurti shaastri, the noble person, reached the permanent abode by the munificence of his preceptor the great kaancii aacArya on Saturday, in the prathamA tithi in the bright fortnight of the chitrai month in the new year Manmatha on the first star ashvini, a physician.

(He was never hospitalized and he knew earlier his impending end. He said ஸ்வாமீ சீக்ரம் என்னை அழைத்துக்கொண்டு விடுவார் !
He was 82+ and thus a sahasra Chandra darshii literally one who has seen thousand moons on the third day of the bright fortnight ) 

   10. यस्यास्ये वेदवाणी सा तस्य हस्ते न सा करे । किमर्थस्तादृशां सर्वो मग्नानां वेदसागरे ।।
His mouth had the scriptural saraswatI in sanskrit (वेदवाणी / देववाणी ) his hand wrote the spells (Rks) as he never had mobile (करे वाणी )in his hand! What is the use of all the material prosperity to such those who are immersed in the scriptural sea? !
(This verse contains an alamkAra called virodhAbhAsa with an apparent contradiction resolved by the meaning)