Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sins are like seed - Sanskrit sloka

अप्रारब्धफलं पापं कूटं बीजं फलोन्मुखम्।
क्रमेणैव प्रलीयेत विष्णुभक्तिरतात्मनाम्‌॥

There are different stages of dormant reactions to sinful activities to be observed in a sinful life. Sinful reactions may be just waiting to take effect [phalonmukha], reactions may be still further dormant [kuta], or the reactions may be in a seedlike state [bija]. In any case, all types of sinful reactions are vanquished one after another if a person engages in the devotional service of Lord Visnu."

- पद्म पुराण

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