Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Incidents with Sringeri Acharyal

This experience is shared by a devoted Sishya from Mumbai and said this may be posted to show that there is no difference in the Blessings between Mahasannidanam and Sannidanam. This happened in July 2015. She was driving her car in the night through a narrow lane and she was not sure whether her vehicle hit an old man or the old man was hurt and already lying on the road. There was utter commotion and public gathered around her vehicle. 

She stepped out of her car took the old man first to a dispensary and later to a nursing home. Meanwhile, the old man's relatives assembled in the hospital. It also became a police case and the lady therefore had to seek a bail which was granted. After this got over, she went the next day as planned to Bangalore where both the Acharyals were camping. 

She was quite stressed and tensed and did not plan where and how to stay. She went straight for Darshanam, kept the baggage in the book stall and reported the incident before Mahasannidanam. 

Acharyal put a pointed question, whose mistake was this? To which the lady replied that she was not sure and if it is her mistake sought pardon. Acharyal smiled Gracefully and said, 'Nothing will happen to you. Problem will get solved'. 

She went back to Mumbai and the case was getting adjourned constantly for about two years. She went to Sringeri in 2017 and Mahasannidanam enquired as to what is happening to her case. She was stunned. When thousands and thousands of devotees come for Darshanam, how would Mahasannidanam remember about what she had reported two years back? She was dumbstruck and took little time to come back to normal and submitted that she had forgotten about this case the day she had reported the same to Acharyal. Acharyal smiled once again and reiterated, 'Nothing will happen to you. Problem will get solved'. 

The case was getting adjourned continuously. When Sannidanam made a Vijaya Yatra to Mumbai in December 2018 – January 2019, the Sishya went for Darshanam. She was getting repeated calls from an unknown number and therefore did not bother to attend to it. After completing the Darshanam, when she returned the call, she was shocked to know it was from the police station informing her that her bail had been cancelled by the court since she did not attend the last hearing and therefore court has issued a non-bailable warrant.  She spoke to her lawyer who assured her to get the bail and asked her to come to the court on a particular day and till such time to be careful. The lady went again for Darshaman of Sannidanam before proceeding to the court and narrated the happenings. 

To her sheer surprise, Sannidanam conveyed the very same message and in the same words which were conveyed earlier to her by Mahasannidanam. Sannidhanam had said, 'Nothing will happen to you. Problem will get solved'. 

As she proceeded to the court, the Advocate called her up to say that she need not come to court today as these matters which were slated to be heard in the afternoon are not going to be heard. The lady replied that she is coming straight to the court after Seeking the Anugraham of Sannidanam and things may therefore work rightly and we should make a plea to the court to hear the matter. She reached the court. When the judge sat post lunch after disposing off a few matters, enquired why is this lady waiting and came to know the issuance of a non-bailable warrant for arrest. The Learned Judge cancelled the warrant and extended the bail. 

The lady adds further, 'Look at the Grace and Blessings of Sannidanam, I was fortunate to meet a Higher official in the Police Department at the Chembur Mutt and after hearing my plight, I was assured complete help with a promise to resolve this issue soon.' The lady concludes the issue is in the final stages of resolution and said with deep devotion, 'How can it go otherwise when it has been Blessed by both the Acharyals thrice and the Divine Choice of Words and Expressions remaining identical.'

Offering at the Lotus Feet of Acharyals.

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