Monday, July 8, 2019

Incidents with HH. Bharati theerta mahaswamigal

This short yet sweet episode is meant to convey the power of Divine Radiance of Acharyals and what happens to the Human Minds in their Divine Presence. 

This episode is narrated by a young couple who got married in 2016. The girl's husband's family are ardent devotees of the Mutt and this girl had just started to go to Sringeri along with her husband whenever possible. During one of the visits they had bitter arguments between them in the room  before they went for Acharyal's Darshanam in the evening, as it is customary to receive Mantrakshadai and Bikshavandanam Prasadam from Acharyals before leaving Sringeri. 

The husband left first for Gurubhavanam as he wanted to do whatever service he can and the lady followed thereafter. 

The lady narrates that as she left the room for Gurubhavanam she attempted to ignore the angry thoughts and feelings gripping her and inspite of her best efforts it did not seem possible. 

Even while standing in the Darshanam Queue, she kept on recapitulating the exchange of arguments leading to more and more of anger between them. 

Every time the thought occurred in her mind, she attempted to kill it, but the thought was taking a monstrous shape and as she kept progressing towards Acharyal, she was feeling literally bad and her mind kept saying, we have come all the way for Darshanam and not able to think of Acharayal even for a second. She forced her mind to do something so that she can get over her anger and do a peaceful Darshanam. It was simply not working.

The moment she reached Mahasannidanam, Acharyal looked at her  (according to her gave her such a huge smile, so Divine and Gracious)
 and asked her name, the lady went blank and spelt her household name. Acharyal said loudly, 'Aaan!' and asked her to repeat her name again. She repeated her actual name. Then she was handed over the Mantrakshadai and Biksha Prasadam. 

She narrates, 'So stressed I was and could not think of Acharyal peacefully. Divine Grace and Anugraham could burst it in a second. Those few seconds was heavenly and I forgot whatever was so stressful till then and which was haunting me for more than an hour. A Divine Look from the Radiating Face into my eyes wiped out those stressful moments. I was really at peace and these moments are so precious and therefore frozen in my heart forever.'

This devotee  in fact, is driving home a very important truth. Every Acharyal of this Peetam had been saying that, Guru is not just the physical body. Guru is a Tattvam. One who dispels darkness and ignorance of a Sishya. A Guru is always seated in the heart of the Sishya and every moment, we recollect or meditate, we are in fact only with our Guru and one can experience during every such moment the same Divine Power and Divine Radiance.

Offering at the Lotus Feet of Acharyals.

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