Monday, July 15, 2019

Incidents with Acharyal of Sringeri

A lady who is in Sringeri had shared this experience. Before narrating it, she said this first. This experience is to show that, Acharyal knows what runs in ones mind and can find it out any minute and anytime. 

During the period of Jyesta Mahasannidanam, regular Darshanams had also happened on the first floor of Narasimhavanam. This lady had gone for a Darshanam one evening and was witnessing as to what was happening to the other devotees. 

A set of Pandits were there and Acharyal was engaged in some detailed discussions with them. When they were about to leave, Acharyal gave them each a book as a Prasadam and it was clear even from a distance that it must be some scriptural text. 

A thought ran in the mind of the lady, 'Ethana Janmam Edukanumo Indha Madri Oru Pusthakathai Acharyal Kitta Irundhu Vaanga' (How many births should one take to receive such a book from Acharyal)

After witnessing this, the lady started to walk down and an attendant came rushing to inform that Acharyal had summoned her and she should therefore come immediately. The lady went rushing to comply with the Divine Command. 

Acharyal gave a similar book to her and said, 'Idhu Neengalum Padikalam. Idhu Upanishads Granthamala. Idhu Tamizla Iruku. Neenga Avasiyam Padingo' (You can read this. It is Upanishads Granthamala. You should surely read it.)

The lady fell at the Lotus Feet of Acharyal crying, not knowing how did Acharyal know what was transpiring in her mind. She started to walk down and this time the thought that was running in her was, 'Are we qualified enough to read this? Will I understand' and therefore she was in a state of confusion. 

The lady after coming down went inside a room in Narasimhavanam to meet someone and was pleasantly shocked to see Jyesta Mahasannidanam again there. Acharyal once again reiterated you should read it surely and you will understand it slowly. The lady was dumbstruck once again. 

When she came out, she opened the book and saw the title, 'Upanishad – Grantamala' and concluded by saying I did not understand when I read it for the first time. My Guru had blessed me that I will understand it slowly. I started to read it again and again and started to understand it slowly. 

Offering at the Lotus Feet of Acharyals.

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