Monday, July 29, 2019

Atheist man becomes a theist - Sringeri Acharyal incidents

A very happy and blessed couple from Chennai share this episode. Even though this couple had been to Sringeri, they had not realised its significance till they had the Darshanam of Acharyal in the 2012 camp at Chennai – Sudharma. 

They performed a Pada Pooja followed by Bikshai. Once the Bikshai got over, Mahasannidanam bestowed a Divine Glance at the Husband. Being their first Darshanam, they were hesitant to introduce themselves and therefore did not speak a word nor did Acharyal give any Divine Utterances. 

The couple reiterate and make it clear that other than the Divine Glance nothing else happened in that visit and proceeded to explain the power of such a Divine Glance, pouring everything in abundance to them and furnished a list of happenings which brought around a complete U-turn in the lifestyle of the husband. 

He started to do Nithya Anustanam regularly without any break. He started to learn Rudhram, Chamakam and Shukthams besides Surya Namaskaram. The couple had dedicated a place for conducting Veda classes and above all he had started to perform Shiva Pooja daily. All this happened through One Divine Glance.

The couple had been to Sringeri recently and had the Darshanam of both the Acharyals. Acharyals were very happy to know that they had engaged in Veda Samrakshanam and Blessed them to continue with the efforts. 

The couple came back quickly to add that the transformation did not stop with changes only in the religious and spiritual life. The husband is engaged in doing business, which started to flourish and expand. It had fetched him laurels including the best entrepreneur in his area of business.

To retrace, there was no exchange of either thoughts or communication. The blessed couple had stored up Vasanas, which needed to come into contact with the Divine Guru. Acharyals are one who knows the past, the present and the future. No instructions, no specific guidance, a Divine Glance has brought this turn around in this couple. 

Our philosophy says A Guru can give, three types of Dikshas – through touch, sight and remembrance and transformation is automatic thereafter and these three forms of Diksha are compared to the hen, fish and the tortoise. The hen sits on the eggs to hatch the chicken (touch); the fish brings out its young ones through sight and the tortoise after laying away the eggs moves away to a distance and by remembrance gives birth to a young tortoise.  

What also needs a specific mention is the humility with which the incident was narrated. The narration had so much of Bhakthi, Devotion and deep sense of indebtedness to the Acharyals.

Offering at the Lotus Feet of Acharyals.

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