Sunday, July 7, 2019

2 days programme in Bengaluru

|Hari Om|
 Dr Chandrashekhar (Gaarhapathya Chikitsaalaya) and Shankara Seva Bharathi, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, welcome one and all for the two days' Sahal program.

Date : Saturday 20th and Sunday, 21st July 2019

Venue: BBUL Jain Vidyalaya, K R Road, Shankarapura

Location: BBUL Jain Vidyalaya
#84, K.R.Road, Opposite V. V. Puram College, Chikkanna Garden, Shankarapura, Chikkanna Garden, Shankarapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004
080 2242 2936

Presented by: Dr. Chandrashekhar

Reporting time: 8:45am

 Session 1: 9.30 -11:00 am

 Session 2: 11.30 -1:00 pm


 Session 3: 2.30 -3.30pm

-break -

 Session 4: 3.45 -4:45 pm
(on both the days).

 Registration fee: ₹ 600/-

 Saturday's topic : Lalitha Sahasranama and Sadhana krama
- Importance and the puranic context.
- Potrayal of the 'Bhramhanda'.
- Reconciliation of the messages of the Vedas and the Sahasranama.
- Vedantic insights in Sahasranama.
- Reconciliation of the structure of the body and the Srichakra.
- Sadhana krama: the effects on materialistic life and 'Moksha'.
- 'Pooja krama': 'Antaryaga'.
- Do not's while reciting ('paarayana' of) the Sahasranama.
- Good health and well-being from reciting the Sahasranama.
 Sunday's topic : Annapana vidhi_
It is well acknowledged that good health and well-being is very essential. But the health itself is a consequence of the food we intake. Hence the consumption of food in accordance with the scriptures is a necessity for a good health. The lectures in this programme will focus on the essential role of scriptures in maintaining good health, and also on the ill-effects of not consuming food in accordance with the scriptures.

 Some highlights
- Impact of the consumption of food in accordance with the scriptures.
- 'Saptha aahara kalpana': nature of food, 'samskara', procedure to cook, etc.
- Assimilation of food into the body.
- 'Bhojana vidhi', 'anupana vidhi' and effects.
- Effects of 'JeerNahara'.
- Digestion ('pachana prakriya') according to Ayurveda.
- The ill-effects of improper intake of food, 'pathya', etc.

 Matra ashiteeyam
- The quantity ('maatra') and the procedure ('krama') of consumption of food, its 'nirukti', characteristic ('lakshaNa'), etc.
- Ill-effects: 'alasaka', 'visuchaka', 'dandaalasaka', etc.
- What is indigestion? Its cause, effect and treatment. - Other treatmental procedures and home-made remedies.
- The effect of 'ahoratris' on body and mind.

All are welcome

 Please note
* Participants are requested to bring a pen and a notepad for  their convenience.

* Anyone who wish to participate can contact the same number.

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