Thursday, June 20, 2019


Courtesy: Sri.P.R.Kannan

In the context of the ensuing Sindhu Pushkaram from Nov 4 to 15, 2019 at Leh, Ladakh, J & K, I looked for a suitable reference work relating to Sindhu Mahatmyam. Not finding any, I requested Sri Kuppuswamy Sastry Research institute of Chennai for help. They searched and found an old, partly torn copy of a valuable book in their library and made the soft copy of the same available to me. That old book was titled 'Sri Sindhu-Saptanada-Sadhubelatirtha-Mahatmya' published in 1917 by Nirnayasagar Press, Mumbai. It is a result of intense research into Vedas, Smritis, Itihasas, Puranas etc. to find glorious references of the sacred river Sindhu and her tributaries. That book presents all the necessary original passages of authority in Samskrit together with a scholarly commentary in Hindi by Sri Divakantha Sharma, Maithila Pandit. The massive effort had been undertaken at the instance of the 108th and 109th Gurus of Sri Udasina Sampradaya of Sri Sadhubela Tirtha, Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan.
The book is available in the link below:

I have attempted in the attached compilation to summarise and recategorise the contents of the above book and present the glory of Sindhu river in English in a form convenient to the modern reader. Thanks are due to my friend Sri R.Ganapati Subramanian for word processing of Samskrit verses. 

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