Friday, June 7, 2019

REal stress - Joke

What is Stress??. 

A beautiful girl asks lift from you.👩 . .  

on the way she suddenly falls sick... 

you take her to Hospital...🏪🛣 

Doctor says : "congratulations, you're gonna become a Daddy ''.🤗👶 

now you are under Stress..😟😟 . . 

you say, "No, am not the Father".. 

But the Girl insists that you are the Father. .. . . 

Now you're under some serious Stress..😱😨 

Police comes and conducts Medical Tests.. . . . ..

After the test, it is proved that you are not the father and moreover you can never become a Father....😫😱😰 . . . 

that's some more really really serious Stress... 

But still you thank God and walk out... 

And suddenly you remember you've two kids at home👶👶, 

and think, if you cannot become a Father then whose Kids are they ??.

🤔Now that is REAL STRESS...😂😂

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