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Mother's day - Sanskrit quotes

Mothers day Musings..

गुरूणां माता गरीयसी॥४॥७४॥
सर्व्वावस्थासु माता भर्तव्या॥४॥७५॥

gurūṇāṁ mātā garīyasī||4||74||
sarvvāvasthāsu mātā bhartavyā||4||75||
Chaanakya underlines the importance of Mother
Of all the elders, mother is the most important.
Whatever may be once condition, one's mother should be looked after with care..
The prime duty of a man is to take care of his family.. 
And more important is that he should ensure the welfare of his elders like mother, father, and preceptors.. 
Chanakya states without any room for equivocation that of the parents and elders, mother deserves the greatest care..
He goes further to state that one's own poverty or other difficult circumstances would not be justification for neglecting the welfare of one's mother.

पितुरप्यधिका माता गर्भधारण पोषणात्
अतो हि त्रिषु लोकेषु नास्ति मातृसमो गुरुः॥
piturapyadhikā mātā garbhadhāraṇa poṣaṇāt
ato hi triṣu lokeṣu nāsti mātṛsamo guruḥ||
Mother is more important than the father because it is she who carries us for ten months in her womb and after we are born, she nurtures us with her breast-milk which represents her own life.. 
Therefore there is no preceptor or relative in this world for us to equal our mother.

वृद्धौ च मातपितरौ साध्वी भार्या सुतः शिशुः
अप्यकार्यशतं कृत्वा भर्तव्या मनुरब्रवीत्॥
vṛddhau ca mātapitarau sādhvī bhāryā sutaḥ śiśuḥ
apyakāryaśataṁ kṛtvā bhartavyā manurabravīt||
Manu has said.. 
" Elderly parents, the affectionate and pious wife and the infant child should be tended for and protected by a person with all sincerity, even if he is forced to find the means for that through disgraceful activities"..**

It is not an endorsement for the performance of disgraceful activities, but the statement is made to underline the prime duty of a person to look after his family..

भूप्रदक्षिण षट्केन काशीयात्राऽयुतेन च 
सेतुस्नानशतैर्यश्च तद्फलं मातृवन्दने॥
bhūpradakṣiṇa ṣaṭkena kāśīyātrā'yutena ca 
setusnānaśatairyaśca tadphalaṁ mātṛvandane||

The Punyam of Divine Grace that can arise to us 
By doing pradakshinam or circumabulation of the entire earth six time,
By pilgrimmage to Varanasi ten thousand times
Holy dips at Rameshvaram one hundred times

the Same punyam will arise to us if 
we pay our love and respects to our Mother...
तथापि त्वं स्नेहं मयि निरुपमं यत्प्रकुरुषे
कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता न भवति .

tathaapi tvam sneham mayi nirupamam yatprakurushe
kuputro jaayet kvachidapi kumaathaa na bhavati.

Shankara it is who praised the mother in devyaparadha kshamapanastotam

A trasnslation of sorts..

"Mother, I am not faithful, grateful, affectionate or dutiful .. I do not ever care to show any respect, affection, or concern for you.. 
But still, you shower your unconditional and incomparable love and Grace ( Here in this stotram Shankara means the Divine moter..who is the concentrated essence of all motherhood) on me..
A son can becomes a bad son, and oftenn becomes so, but there is never a bad mother.. "

Even a Sannyasi, who has abandoned the whole conncections with the world, who is placed in our faith on an equal pedestal with God, for whom offering namaskarams to a deity is just optional, and who is to be offered pranams that too three times even if he is present in a temple, that is in preference to the deity who is offered only one pranam.. that Sannyasi is bound by duty that he should offer Sashtaanga namaskaram to his mother in the poorvaashramam..
(And strangely, the mother will have to offer pranams to the Son who is a Sannyasi in turn.. that is another thing..)

We may be able to give scholarly dissertations on any subject.. be it God or Politics, Economics or Taxation, Love or Romance, War or peace..

But no one can describe the mother..

A woman is great because she alone can be a mother..
We need have no other reason to worship a woman.
Sree maatre namaH..
श्री मात्रे नमः

नान्नोदकसमं दानं न तिथिर्द्वादशी समा 
न गायत्र्याः परो मन्त्रो न मातुःदैवतम् परं ।।

No gift is as lofty as gift of food and water

No day is as sacred as the dvaadashi day.. coming as the 12 th day in the phase of moon.. twice a month.. Where people do honour to Lord Vishnu after fasting on Ekadashi day..

There can never be a mantra or prayer more holy than Gayatri
No God or Divinity can be as great as mother..

നാന്നോദക സമം ദാനം ന തിഥിര്‍ദ്വാദശീ സമാ
ന ഗായത്ര്യാഃ പരോ മന്ത്രഃ
ന മാതുഃ ദൈവതം പരം

അന്നോദക സമം ദാനം ന അസ്തി 
അന്നവും ജലവും പോലെ മറ്റൊരു ദാനവുമില്ല
ദ്വാദശീ സമാ തിഥി ന അസ്തി 
ദ്വാദശിക്കു തുല്യമായ പവിത്രതയുള്ള ഒരു തിഥിയും ഇല്ല 
ഗായത്ര്യാ പരോ മന്ത്രഃ ന അസ്തി 
ഗായത്രിയേക്കാളും മഹത്തായ ഒരു മന്ത്രവുമില്ല 
മാതുഃ പരം ദൈവതം ന അസ്തി 
അമ്മയേക്കാള്‍ വലിയ ദൈവവും ഇല്ല


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