Friday, June 14, 2019

Give back the loan - Spiritual story - parable of Swami Sivananda

Parable of The Greedy Pilgrim

A man wishing to go on a pilgrimage took a loan of Rs. 100 from his friend. He went to various places and then returned to his native place. When he met the friend from whom he borrowed the money, and when the latter demanded the amount, the pilgrim asked: "How much should I pay?" "Why, Rs. 100!" "Oh, you want the whole of it back?" What a wonderful question!

Equally wonder at the human being's conduct. The Jiva entered the vast field of Samsara and roamed about in various regions—as a mineral, as a plant, as an animal, and then as a man—with the help of the consciousness borrowed from God. In the human birth, the Jiva once again came very near the Home, viz., God. Now that the journey is nearly over, God demands that the borrowed consciousness be entirely given back to Him. In other words, man should realise that his entire soul belongs to God; and thus, his heart should be offered in its entirety to God. But foolish man, filled with lust and greed, with Moha and attachment, is reluctant to do so. What a great wonder! How powerful is Maya!

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