Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Qualities of a good boss -- Sanskrit

Courtesy:Sri.KV.Anantha Narayanan

benevolent master and tolerant poet
क्षमी दाता गुणग्राही स्वामी पुण्येन लभ्यते।
अनुकूलः शुचिर्दक्षः कविर्विद्वान् सुदुल्र्लभः॥
बल्लालदेवस्य भोजप्रबन्धात्
kṣamī dātā guṇagrāhī svāmī puṇyena labhyate|
anukūlaḥ śucirdakṣaḥ kavirvidvān sudulrlabhaḥ||
ballaladevasya bhojaprabandhāt
"One should be really blessed if he gets a master who is patient,who is generous in payment, who understands the merits of the servant and encourages them only through great fortune accumulated through many past .
In the same way, a poet who is favourably disposed to you, who is of blemish-less character, who is very efficient and who is having in depth learning, is also very difficult to come across".
It is easy for anyone to praise somebody who is not directly involved with him in day to day affairs. 
But a servant will get praise from the master very rarely because (1) the master thinks whatever the servant does in the normal course of business for which he is paid (2) He is apprehensive that open praise will spoil the servant. 
When it comes to financial help, the master, by his very nature, is reluctant.
He may be feeling that if something is given to the servant without a lot of entreaty from the latter, the demands would become more frequent.

A master will rarely understand the good qualities of a good servant, and even if he does so, will usually turn a Nelson's eye towards such virtues.

But some rare one may get a good master who is not of the type discussed about.. That may be because of his great fortune

It seems that the tendency to find fault goes hand in hand with the dexterity in word craft and poetry. 
Every writer thinks that he is the best in his trade. 
Again, a clueless lifestyle looks like the fashion with every writer of some eminence. 
More often than not the depth of knowledge of the writer may not be the reason for his popularity.. but he would be just juggling words and attracting the readers.

No doubt, really great writers with sterling qualities also do exist

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