Thursday, May 23, 2019

Difference between animals & us - Sanskrit subhashitam

खादते मोदते नित्यं शुनकः शूकरः खरः।
तेषामेषां को विशेषो वृत्तिर्येषां च तादृशी॥
khādate modate nityaṁ śunakaḥ śūkaraḥ kharaḥ|
teṣāmeṣāṁ ko viśeṣo vṛttiryeṣāṁ ca tādṛśī||

To claim that we are human beings with the sixth sense, we need to work and achieve something worthy of our that exalted position..
The about popular couplet, quoted by many in day to day life tried to bring to focus this idea.

Meaning of the sloka

The dog, the pig and the donkey.. all eat to their hearts content daily, they make merry for ever.. ( but beyond that nothing to talk about)
If people.. the human beings .. too spend their life that way, then what is the difference between them and the above beasts?

It seems that the Good Lord created all living beings with instincts for survival, and faculty to eat and too keep themselves free of unpleasantness.. However God injected something extra into the genes of the human species.. Perhaps, he expected that with that extra dose of inspiration human beings would make themselves and the world great..
Can we afford to disappoint our own Maker?

Saint Tulasidas echoed the same idea in his doha given below.
सूकर कूकर ऊँट खर, बड़ पशुअन में चार ।
तुलसी हरि की भगति बिनु, ऐसे ही नर नार ॥

The Pig, the Dog, the Camel, the Donkey, -- all of them just live and exist without anything special or worthwhile..
Tulasi say, the existence of a man too is just like that, if he is not devoted to Lord Hari..
( Devotion to God is one of the distinctive features of human beings.. There are many other such features too..)

Let us remain a wee bit above donkeys pigs and dogs..

Regards.. Have a nice day
k v ananthanarayanan

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