Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Example of anyokti -Sanskrit subhashitam

*नाहं जलधर भवतश्चातक इव  जीवनं याचे |*
*अहमस्मि नीलकण्ठो तव  खलु तुष्यामि शब्दमात्रेण ||*
ओ बादल! मैं एक चातक पक्षी जैसा नहीं हूं जो तुमसे अपने जीवन की रक्षा के लिये भीख मांगता है | मैं तो नीलकन्ठ पक्षी (मोर) हूं जो तुम्हारे गर्जने की ध्वनि मात्र को सुन कर ही संतुष्ट हो जाता हूं |
*O cloud! I am not like a Chatak bird , who begs water from you to save his life.  I am a Peacock, who is satisfied merely by hearing your rumbling sound.*
*(This Subhashita is also an 'Anyokti'  (allegory). In Sanskrit literature it is said that the Chatak bird quenches its thirst from the rain water falling on the earth during a particular celestial period and  otherwise remains thirsty. On the other hand the Peacock becomes happy and starts dancing by merely hearing the rumbling sound of the clouds. The underlying idea behind it is that those persons whose wants are limited and are satisfied at whatever they get remain always happy whereas those persons are very choosy always remain disgruntled)*

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