Monday, July 9, 2018

Khuswant singh

Khushwant Singh writes that he got 300 out of 300 in the ICS interview in London, in the late  1930s. He had not done well in the first paper, so dropped in the second paper, submitted a good essay and appeared for the interview, just for the experience.

The first question was "Why are you appearing for the ICS?"

Most candidates said that they were interested in administration or that they wanted to serve the British government.

 Khushwant said "I hear the salary is pretty good!" There was laughter around the table.

The second question was "We notice you are doing Bar-at-law also, have you ever been to a British court of Justice?"

Khushwant:" Yes Sir, I have been to the Old Bailey"

Q: "And what did you see ?"

KS: "Sir I saw that cases which drag on for six months in India, are decided here in 40 minutes"

Q: "So what is you conclusion ?"

KS: " "Sir, I wonder how British lawyers make a living ?"

Another big laugh around the table.

The final question from Harold Laski: "How many guns salute is fired when the Viceroy's wife delivers a male child?"

KS: " I don't know how many guns salute is fired but I know that the ADC is fired".

Huge laughter around the table. What a fantastic presence of mind.  This is typical Kushwant Singh.

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