Thursday, June 28, 2018

Poverty is the best medicine -दारिद्र्यं परमौषधम्-Sanskrit subhashitam

शक्तिं करोति संचारे शीतोष्णे  मर्षयत्यपि |
दीपयत्युदरे वह्निं दारिद्र्यं परमौषधम् ||

दरिद्रता यद्यपि अत्यन्त कष्टकर होती है फिर भी वह् दरिद्र व्यक्ति के शरीर में शीत तथा गरमी को सहने की शक्ति प्रदान करती है और उसके उदर (पेट) में भूख रूपी अग्नि जाग्रत कर उसे स्वस्थ रखती है | सचमुच दरिद्रता एक सर्वोत्तमऔषधि है |

Although poverty causes much hardships, it gives to poor people the* *strength and energy to*  *bear cold and heat equally,* *and  the fire of hunger in their belly keeps them fit. Really,  poverty is a supreme medicine.*
(The above Subhashita is a fine example of censuring in the guise of praising.  Affluent and rich persons lack in the capacity of bearing cold and hot climate and due to their food habits also suffer from various diseases related to stomach  and digestion. Fasting is termed as best medicine for such diseases, which the poor people are doomed to face. throughout their life.)*

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