Friday, August 11, 2017

Jasmine - Kalidasa

courtesy:Sri.Balsubramaniam Vaidyanathan

कुन्दैः सविभ्रमवधूहसितावदातैरुद्योतितानयुपवनानि मनोहराणि।
चित्तं मुनेरपि हरन्ति निवृत्तरागं प्रागेव रागमलिनानि मनांसि यूनाम्।। - कालिदास:

These days the gardens are brightened up with whitely jasmines similar to the toothy grins of sprightly brides, and hence they are heart-stealing even for saints that have neutralised their materialistic indulgences long back; as such, these gardens must have stolen the hearts of youths that are already tainted with seasonal sensualities. - Kalidasa in Rtu Samhara