Monday, July 3, 2017

Ashadha Ekadashi – Mokavimshaka Stotram from Harivamsha Puranam

Courtesy:Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. At the outset, my apologies for the long hiatus in my stotra posting – many have sent mails enquiring whether I had dropped their names from my distribution list. My professional front had kept me very busy in the last 2-3 quarters. I hope to continue this endeavor without any let up in future – as far as possible and god willing.

Since Ashadha Ekadashi is round the corner (04-July-2017), I am happy to share a very rare and potent stuti on Lord Ananta taken from Harivamsha Purana (Last Canto of Mahabharata), Chapter 72 which describes the Vamana Avatar. This hymn was given to King Bali when he was pushed down to the nether worlds by Lord Vamana to be relieved from all bondages. The brief phalashruti by Sage Vaishampayana stands proof of the sanctity of this hymn – that it is capable of destroying all sins including that of killing cow/enlightened Brahmins and bestow all wishes. One who recites this in the mornings will see all their wishes fulfilled.

As we have seen Ashadhi Ekadashi is a very important occasion in Pandharpur in Maharashtra. It looks like the crowds keep swelling with people from many different states doing pada yatra for this occasion. Sri. Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj is building a place to stay for devotees especially from south. Blessed are those who can be at Pandharpur during those Ekadashi . The rest of us can perhaps recite this hymn!