Thursday, April 13, 2017

sanskrit riddle

Courtesy:Sri.H.N.Bhat & PKR

There is riddle with the name of विराट.

विराटनगरे रम्ये कीचकादुपकीचकम्॥
अत्र क्रियापदं वक्तुर्हैमं दास्यामि कंकणम्॥

Apparent first reading of the first line would mean "In the city of विराट from a bamboo towards another bamboo" and the second line means I will give a golden bangle to any body who can tell me the verb in the above sentence.

I have heard this samasya when I was a student of Sanskrit.

The answer is this -

 वि: आट नगरे रम्ये 
कीचकात् उपकीचकम् /

वि: = bird
आट = roamed about =flew
नगरे रम्ये = in the beutiful town
कीचकात्   = from one bambo
उपकीचकम् = to another bamboo