Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Karuna Cheyvaan Endu

Karuna Cheyvaan Endu Taamasam 

Composer - Irayimman Thampi 
Raga - Yadukula Kambhoji / Shri


Karuna Cheyvaan Endu Taamasam Krishna
Kazhaline Kai Thozhunnen

Why the delay in showing kindness, Lord Krishna
I worship your feet with my folded palms.


Sharanaagatan Maarkkishta Varadaanam Cheytu Chemme
Guruvaayurpuram Tannil Maruvum Akhila Durita Harana Bhagavan

Granting the desires of devotees who seek asylum in you,
You rest in Guruvayoor, oh Lord, remover of all sorrows.


Gurutara Bhavasindhau Durita Sanchayamaakum
Tiratannil Muzhukunna Naragatik Kavalambam
Marakata Manivarnan Hari Thanne Ennum Thava
Charita Varnanangalil Sakala Munikal Paravatharivadhunaa

I have learned from the Sages who have extolled your exploits
That you, Hari, emerald like handsome Lord, 
Are the refuge for the teeming humanity
Who live on the surf of the great ocean of suffering called life.



This song has lots of legends. 

This song is composed by Sri Ravi Varman Thampi (1782 – 1856) better known as Irayimman Thampi. He was a Carnatic Musician and a Composer in the Court of Swathi Thirunal Maharaja in the Travancore Palace. His composition includes the lullaby Omanathingal Kidavo. This song praises the greatness of the Lord Guruvayurappan. This song is one of the favourite song of Chembai Sri Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar. Legend is that like the last song "Meenakshi Me Medum Dehi" associated with Sri Muthuswami Deekshitar, "Paramatmudu" is associated with Sri Tyagaraja, "Palinchu Kamakshi" is associated with Sri Syama Sastry, the end of Sri Chembai conformed to this tradition.

For many years Chembai used to go to Guruvayur every time he had earned enough to conduct the Udayastamana Pooja (Dawn to Dusk). He had thus conducted more than 40 of such poojas. Guruvayur had become an obsession with him and devotees there had long begun to look upon him as a representative of the Lord. He had developed an uncanny gift of speaking words which brought solace to people.

On 16th October 1974 he had his last concert at Poozhikunnam Sri Krishna Temple. In that concert of course, he sang his favourite Karuna Cheyvan Endu Tamasam virtually indispensable song in all his concerts. After the concert he asked his assistants to take him to the Sanctum Sanctorum. There in front of the deity he called out "Krishna! Guruvayurappa I am 80. You have fulfilled all my desires. Why do you still make me go about this body? Why don't you call me? 

When he returned home he washed his feet and face sat down for prayers in the Verandah and the next moment he reached the feet of Guruvayurappan.

Amritha Varshini is proud to dedicate this masterpiece to Sri Chembai.

We have given the lyrics with meaning and the audio sung by Sri Chembai himself in the following link.

Let us hear this song, remember Sri Chembai and seek the blessings of Lord Guruvayurappan.

Humble Pranams

Anand Vasudevan
21st June 2015