Thursday, June 4, 2015

Papahara Dashami (28-May-2015) - Ganga Shatkam From Brihad Dharma Puranam

Courtesy:Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. As Papahara Dashami falls on Thursday, 28-May-2015, I am happy to share a short 6-stanza prayer on Mata Ganga taken from Brihad Dharma Puranam, Chapter 42 which describes the birth of Ganga. Ganga worship on Papahara Dashami is considered to be very auspicious for the uprooting of all sins accrued. Fortunate are those who can bathe in the Ganga river or other holy rivers on this day!

I had shared a few other stutis on Ganga and Papa Prashamana Stutis in the last few years. I have seen two Ganga Ashtottarams and two Ganga Sahasranamas. In Ganga Ashtottaram from Mahabharata, it is mentioned that the Ashtottaram succeeds a Sahasranama - which means Mahabharata should perhaps contain a Ganga Sahasranama. Perhaps the erudite scholars who have access to the Moola of Mahabharata could comment on this. If it is so, it will be the third one.

As I had mentioned a few years ago, Brahma Vaivarta Purana mentions that the life of Ganga in Kali Yuga will be for 5,000 years. Perhaps this could mean that Ganges might also dry up like Saraswati. Therefore, we are perhaps living on borrowed time. It is perhaps the bounden duty of every Indian/Hindu to protect Holy Ganga given that it needs a multi-year clean-up.

Our special thanks are due to Sri. Narendra Modi for taking a personal goal of cleaning up Ganga for the benefit of Sanatana Dharma and Hindu Civilization. Thanks are also due to many of the self-help volunteers who have taken cue from this initiative and done yeoman's service in cleaning up the river so far.

But it is the duty of everyone not to pollute the river - just because our careless and reckless acts could make the river extinct. We beseech Mata Ganga to destroy all our sins accrued over births and therefore we should not commit the goriest of the sin - destroy her and make her extinct! There won't be any redemption left for us!!

May We pray to Goddess Ganga on this Papahara Dashami!