Monday, April 6, 2015


Courtesy: Smt.B.Ramadevi

61. தெய்வ மிகஜழல் - Dheivam Igazhel
 Dheivam - God ; Igazhel – do not find fault / revile Do not find fault with God.
We try to believe that we are always correct and others are responsible for our miseries. We do not spare even God. 
We don't remember to thank God when we are happy and successful.
 But we tend to blame Him for our problems. 
We forget that God has given us the ability to make correct judgments. 
Vidura Neethi says: 
न देवा दण्डमादाय रक्षन्ति पशुपालवि।् यंिुरक्षक्षिुममच्छन्ति बुद्ध्या संववभजन्ति िम॥्
 The Devās do not take a stick and protect [people] like a cowherd. Those they want to protect, they bestow upon him intelligence. If we make use of the ten senses ( five senses for knowledge and five for action) correctly, there will be no need to blame God. Still, if we suffer, the theory of Karma comes to our rescue. Avvaiyar says in Nalvazhi –– தைய் ெீவிளே இருக்கத் தெய்வத்ளெ தநாந்ெக்கால் எய்ெ வருஜமா இரு நிெியம்? When the results of my bad actions are there to give me trouble, what is the use of blaming God? Purandaradasar says, 'Naa mAdida karma balavanta vAdare, nee mAduvudeno dEva' (If the results of my actions are so strong, what can you do, my Lord?) Saint Thyagaraja says, 'kaligiyuṇṭē kadā kalgunu kāmita phala dāyaka' – ('O! Bestower of the fruits of my desire! Only if I am destined, I will get.) Thiruvalluvar says, இலர்பல ராகிய காரணம் ஜநாற்பார் ைிலர்பலர் ஜநாலா ெவர். In this world, there are many who are poor and incapable. It is because very few have done good deeds. Those who did good deeds, are enjoying life now and those who didn't, are suffering. Finally, we have to accept what the Tamil poet கணியன் பூங்குன்றோர் has said – 'ெீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்ெர வாரா'. The good and bad that befall us are not caused by others. So let us not blame God for our suffering.