Monday, April 6, 2015

aapat sanyasam


aapat sanyasam refers to taking sanyasam when one is about to die.  The normal sanyasam is one gets initiated by a guru for which there re some rituals. At the time the guru also gives
a new name.   For example the present Sankaracharya of Sringeri Bharati Krishna Thirtha
gave sanyasam to Kuppa Venkateswara Prasada Sarma and gave him a new name Vidhusekhara Bharati. Vidhu means chandra.

But Sankara took aapatsanyasam when he was about to die being caught by a crocodile.
He asked his mother to give permission for this sanyasam.  His mother allowed him to
take aapatsanyasam. Till then she was not agreeing for Sankara to take sanysam.   Since it was 
aapatsanysam Sankara continued to have the same name and he became Sankaracharya.