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What is education? - Periyavaa

What is education

Most important usefulness of Education is to inculcate humility in Man. In olden times, students were called, 'Vineyan', that is a person with the quality  of humbleness. Education without humility is not education at all. The first lesson to be learnt is self control. A proud person can never learn anything.

It is seen that uneducated tribals do not seem to have many bad habits.  There are no magistrate courts and high courts in the tribal areas, because there are no crimes. Where there are plenty of Schools, Colleges and Universities, the crime rate is on the increase. With more education, there seems to be more expertise in duplicity, fraud and scams.

The main purpose of Education is to get to know God, while sustaining oneself in life. But now-a-days, mostly, educated people lack devotion. Is this not very peculiar?

The women of this nation have the intrinsic quality of 'Adakkam'. Adakkam is a one word for a combination of virtue, non-obtrusiveness, decency and delicacy. As a result of education, they should be more so. But 'No'. Even this essential quality of Indian womanhood, has been done away with, by this so called education.

Olden days there was "Gurukula" System.  He goes to a Guru and lives with him. The student, called 'sishya', goes and begs for alms, from a number of households, and brings it home to the Guru. In begging, his pride dwindles and the quality of humbleness accrues. He looks upto his teacher and his wife, with respect and love. With the modern education system, Guru Bakthi is woefully absent.

I have no hope of bringing back 'Guru Kula system of education'. I am saying all this, so that, it is not totally forgotten,  that there was such a system in this country. At least the 'root origin', should be protected. The Love and Respect that evolves towards the Teacher, in the Guru Kula system, is the medicine, for the ills in education to-day.

#Deivathin_Kural  (Paramacharya) - Ra. Ganapathi

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