Friday, July 19, 2019

Shiva ADI Guru

 How Lord Shiva became    the first Guru on this day

*Guru Poornima* is that full moon day when the first Guru came into existence. Shiva was a yogi, up in the Himalayas, who would meditate for years and would break his meditation only to do a cosmic dance of ecstasy.( *TAANDAVA*)

In those times, many young men would go off to Himalayas to seek wisdom and many young men stumbled upon Shiva and watched him day and night. They were unable to understand him and he would be oblivious to human presence hence they left him, except for 7 young men, who waited on.

They kept observing him for months. He would not even acknowledge them. They begged Shiva that they wanted to have the knowledge bestowed from him, the universal secrets that he had, they wanted to learn. But Shiva denied and told them that they have to do penance. And they did as was told to them.

One Full moon day, after 84 years of absience and penance, Shiva looked at the 7 young men, who had turned into Yogi's. Impressed by their persistence to learn cosmic wisdom, he bestowed them the knowledge he wanted to pass on and they imbibed it gracefully and became *Sapta-rishis ie SEVEN powerful GURUS*, who would now, distribute and pass on the knowledge to other humans.

This full moon day, when *LORD SHIVA* became a teacher or guru, is known as *GURUPOORNIMA* and SHIVA is known as *ADI-GURU*. Remember, you don't choose a Guru, a Guru chooses you. And that's what Lord Shiva did.


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