Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Power of mantrakshadai - Incidents with Sringeri acharyal

This episode is shared to convey the power of the Mantrakshadai given to all the devotees at the time of their departure to their respective destinations. This incident happened in Sudharma, Chennai during Vijaya Yatrai 2012. This lady devotee came from the US and had the Darshanam of Acharyal. 

Her plan was to proceed to her native village near Theni with her husband and son after the Darshanam. When her turn came, she offered her Pranams and Mahasannidanam gave her Mantrakshadai. She moved and her parents came next. After handing over Mantrakshadai to them, Acharyal enquired with his attendant as to whether this lady had received Mantrakshadai. The lady came back and showed the Mantrakshadai given to her by Acharyal. Acharyal Nodded and looked at her Gracefully for a second and the lady realised its importance only after 24 hours. 

That night she proceeded to her native Village by train which reached Kodai Road Station the next day at 3.30 AM. The lady and all the family members got out of the Train and at that wee hour, the station in fact looked totally deserted. They all came out and was about to get into the car and proceed to their village. 

The lady suddenly realised that she had left one of her baggage in the train and before she could get back to the platform, the train had already gone. They originally thought, they can chase the train and get into it at the Madurai Junction but were advised not to resort to this path. Her husband sought the advice of the station master who guided them to lodge a letter first and he would in turn transmit it to the Railway Police. The station master suggested that the complaint should disclose all the details. 

The lady had close to 25 Sovereigns and some amount of cash in the baggage. She was in a dilemma by disclosing, will she be opening the Pandora's Box. In case she does not disclose, they may return the baggage but not the jewels and cash. 

She prayed deeply for a minute and sought for the Blessings of Mahasannidanam and decided to disclose all the details which she did. The whole process took some time and the train in the meanwhile had crossed the Madurai Junction. 

Their only hope was to track it down at the Tiruneveli Junction. They spoke to a Mutt devotee in Tirunelveli and narrated the happenings and informed the arrival time of the train at Tirunelveli. The person agreed to do whatever best was possible. 

Meanwhile the station master at Kodai Road had transmitted the complaint to Madurai and Tirunelveli Junctions. The person at Tirunelveli went to the station and on arrival of the train got into the exact coach and located the baggage and to his sheer surprise found all the contents intact including the Mantrakshadai. 

When he stepped out of the coach, a couple of policemen from Railway police stopped and enquired him. He had to narrate why and how he reached the station and the owner of the baggage was their family friend. He was taken to their superiors and was asked to disclose the contents which they verified it with the complaint and later allowed him to take the baggage. The said person then took a taxi from Tirunelveli and reached the village in the evening and handed over the baggage along with the Mantrakshadai. 

The lady wept in joy while narrating this episode. Its unbelievable that the baggage would remain at the same place along with the contents intact. An obliging person in Tiruneveli agreed to help them, reached the station on time secured it and restored it to them the same evening. When Acharyal asked whether she had got the Mantrakshadai, the lady wondered for a minute why did Acharyal ask so when it was given just a few seconds before. She was summoned again by asking this question and she became the recipient of his Divine Glance indirectly conveying the miracle that was to unfurl in the next 24 hours. Every Prasadam of Acharyal is so Divine, so sacred and has to be cared as an immeasurable treasure. 

Offering at the Lotus Feet of Acharyals.

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