Friday, June 7, 2019

Sanskrit sandhi app by vyoma labs

AnantaNamaskāras to Ātmasvarūpins

🌺 *Subject:  Free Android mobile app for experiencing Sanskrit Sandhiḥ (science of joining letters) – by Vyoma Labs*  🌺

One of the most important aspects of Sanskrit grammar, which can help us in understanding ancient texts better, and which can make our Sanskrit learning better, is 'Sandhiḥ'– the amazing science of joining letters.  While Sandhi maybe a natural voice phenomenon, our ṛṣi-s have helped put a structure to learn this and enhance our personal mastery. 

On the divine occasion of  Ācāryajayantī🙏, Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation humbly presents a mobile app to enjoy and experience Sandhi through exercises and provides basic information about the Sandhi rules. The knowledge of Sandhi helps one to split words while reading Sanskrit texts, helps students in exams, etc.

Click on the link below, to install the app on your Android mobile. 

By God's and Gurus' grace, the iOS version would be available soon. 

We request everyone to spread the message and share any feedback to us at 
We thank our volunteers who worked tirelessly in making this app and pray Almighty to bless everyone. 🙏🙏💐

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