Friday, April 6, 2018

Shengottai veda pathasala

Msg from a friend:
Thiruchittrambalam  Namaskarams to all. On the night of Mahashivaratri, I have a good news to share with all.My father in law, Shri.Ramachandra Iyer is establishing a Krishna Yajur Veda Patashala in Shenkottai under the name Senkottai Shri SharadhA Charitable trust with the guidance and blessings of our pujya Shringeri Acharyas. The trust deed has been executed in  Senkottai and has been blessed by both Acharyas. The patashala will start in June 2018 (when the academic year starts). The first 4 years will include the basics of sanskritam, tamil and english languages along with Veda adhyayanam. The next 4 years will mainly focus on Veda adhyayanam and we will include some modern school syllabus as well. At the end of 8+ yrs the children will also be eligible to sit for 8/10 th STD board exams. After this ( when we come back to India ) we will plan to include Dharma shastram, ayurveda, jyotisham, sanskritam, rare Vedic shakas, mimamsa, Vedanta,  etc. Deivathin Kural will be part of the syllabus from day 1 onwards. We seek all your blessings. Please visit the patashala when you visit India; near Amman Sannidhi Shenkottai.

Also currently we are having challenges in recruiting students for the patashala. Please spread the word to all friends, vaidikas, etc and encourage young brahmin boys to join this patashala. 

All 8 yrs tuition, boarding and lodging will be free. Thanks a lot. Punar namaskarams. Shiva Shiva.

Please contact myself Ram N Narayanan at or Shri.Ramachandran at 011 919840267321/9444979664.