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Meaning of Vayu Jeevothama

Meaning of Vayu Jeevothama:

In simple terms it means

Vayu    Jeevothama                  =                    Mukhya praana is the Supreme among jivas.

Hanuma Bheema Madhwa

To look in a detail manner lets first get to know few basics.

The whole living beings (Chethans) in this universe can be divided as "Eesha" and "Jiva"


  • Eesha means one who is Lord (master) of all.
  • Lord Narayana and Lakshmi Falls in this category.


  • One who enjoys happiness and suffers the ills of life, who is eligible for bondage and release is called as Jiva.
  • Jiva is also an permanent entity like Narayana.
  • Starting from Brahma devaru to Kali all fall into this category.
  • Our Vayu devaru is supreme among the jeevas

Why Vayu Jeevothama:

There are many facts and reasons to say Vayu as jeevothama. Iam trying to quote few among them.

  1. Swaroopa yogyatha of Vayu is very high compared to other Jivas. He is know as "Riju"
  2. No one equals Vayu in qualities like Bhakthi, Gnana, Vairaagya  (Among jivas)
  3. There is no kali prevesha for vayu deva. (This is same for all Parashukla thrayaru)
  4. He does not do any activities against the will of Lord
  5. He is the first among Ekaanta Bhaktas. (Bhaktas donot ask anything from Lord for their seva are called Ekaanta Bhaktas. They don't even ask Moksha from God.)
  6. When all the Tathvaabhimani devatas in our body leaves a person is able to survive. But when Vayu devaru leaves the human body then the person cannot survive. The mere existence of all Jivas is dependent on Vayu devaru.
  7. Even though he is having Linga deha (bondage) it does not have any effect on Vayu devaru.

(All the qualities given here also applies to Brahma devaru. As Vayu and Brahma are equal in Yogyatha)

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