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Narad's Bhava Samadhi ! - Radharani stories

Narad's Bhava Samadhi !

Knowing the descent of Sri Radhaji, Sage Narada come up Barsana and requested Vrishabhanu to give him an opportunity to see Laadli Radha. The king prostrated before the sage and said "Maharshi, due to my Sukrutha (good deeds of the past), I am blessed with the presence of Ladli Radharani in my House."

Narada saw the Divine child and prostrated before Her golden swing. By the Grace of Sri Radhaji Narada has immersed in Bhava Samadhi (ecstatic state of Bhav) The great sage returned to consciousness and extolled Sri Radhaji in a majestic verse.

Oh! Parameswari! You are the 'Sandhini Shakthi' Latent in the 'Sachidananda Swaroop' (Lord Krishna).

Oh! The enchantress of Krishna.

Oh! The Lover of Vrindavan.

Oh! Rasa Swaroopini, you are the embodiment of Yoga Shakthi. You are the controller of 'Maya' You are an ocean of 'Rasa'. Your vision always remains inward. From your majestic tranquil face, inexplicable light of divine ecstasy is emerging.

Oh! Mother! Brahma, Rudra and the like are cannot comprehend your Tatva (Divine philosophy). You do not appear even in the meditation of great yogis. You are the origin of Icha(desire), Gnana(Knowledge) and Kriya (Action) Shakthis. Mother! All Divine incarnations arise only from you. Oh! Janani! I desire to behold that beautiful Divine phenomenon which is worshipped by Lord Sri Krishna." At that very moment a most enchanting and resplendent form of 'Kishori' appeared before Naradaji around beholding the Divine effulgence Radhaji, the Maharshi became unconscious.

Radhaji's Sakhis awoke him by giving the 'Charanamrutha' (water used for feet-washing) of Radhaji and they said "Oh! Narada what you have seen is the unique and rare form of Sriji that is worshipped by Sri Krishna." Narada your fortune has no parallel. Even Gods like Brahma, Rudra, did not have the darshan of this form Sri Kishori", "She is going to disappear soon. Prostrate before Her immediately, "advised the Sakhis, Narada did the same. The Mother of universes disappeared a few moments later.

Mahamaya divides and distances the Jeeva from God and Yogamaya bring him close to the Lord and unite with Him. Maya is one of the Shakthis of Radhaji.

Radhey Radhey

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