Monday, August 3, 2015

Prabho ganapathe..


This devotional song on Lord Ganesha is quite popular one. The composer is not known however it is believed to have been composed by Sage Agasthya. The process of knowing yourself through Aatma Vichara appears in this song. 

We have given the lyrics and the audio link sung by Sri Jayakrishna Deekshitar popularly known as Vittaldas Maharaj. What i come to know about Sri Jayakrishna Deekshitar is that he had a desire to contruct a temple for Lord Vittala. When he conveyed this to his Guru Swami Haridas Giri he told you can construct the temple provided the money needed for this temple should be obtained by Singing Nama Sankeerthanam. One might have witnessed Sri Jayakrishna Deekshitar travelling frequently to various cities and performing Nama Sankeertan few years before is mainly for this purpose. Now the temple has beautifully come up at Govindapuram near Kumbakonam. Devotees should visit this sacred place as the Adishtanam of Sri Bhagavan Nama Bhodendral is also located at Govindapuram. 

Have a nice Sunday and a great week ahead.

Anand Vasudevan
Aug 2nd 2015

பிரபோ கணபதே

பிரபோ கணபதே
பரிபூரண வாழ்வருள்வாயே
சார்ந்து வணங்கி துதி பாடியாடி 
உந்தன் சன்னிதி சரணடைந்தோமே
சாந்த ஸித்த சௌபாக்யங்கள்
யாவையும் தந்தருள் ஸத்குரு நீயே

ஆதிமூல கண நாத கஜானன
அற்புத தவள ஸ்வரூபா
தேவ தேவ ஜய விஜய விநாயக
சின்மய பரசிவ தீபா 

தேடித் தேடி எங்கோ ஓடுகின்றார் உன்னை 
தேடிக்கண்டு கொள்ளலாமே உள்ளே தேடிக்கண்டு கொள்ளலாமே
கோடி கோடி மதயானைகள் பணி செய்ய
குன்றென விளங்கும் பெம்மானே!