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Courtesy:Sri.Gopala Krishnan



1 Introduction


The temple to visit for SWATI NAKSHATRA is Sri Thatheeswarar Temple that is located in Chithukadu near Chennai.  Chithukaadu can be reached via Poonamalli, Tirumazhisai and taking a turn to right while going from Chennai. From Tirumazzhisai the temple is about 5KM and the large  temple tower will be welcoming us. On the way the village TIRUMANAM will attract all with well built new houses for about 500 metres on either side of the road. Most of the houses while travelling we can see with   car porches and cars.


The temple is large. separate shrines are for Lord Siva and Parvathi. Upadevathas are enshrined in Prakaram.  Some minor renovations  are going on in the temple. There are two Nandhi. One near the mast outside and one in fornt of the deity.  Similarly  there are two  vinayagars. 


The temple complex has koovalam tree and nagapushpa tree. Out side the prakaram on the south east  Nagadevathas are installed separately.


The ruling deity of the temple is Sri Thatheeswarar and the Goddess is Amman Poonguzhali. The speciality of the temple is the absence of the nose rope to tie down Nandhi, the bull and the Vaahana of Lord Shiva, since Nandni appears calm and relaxed on its own.


Temple to visit for Swati Nakshatra – Sri Thatheeswarar Temple, Chithukadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


2. Swathi star


Swati features among the few nakshatras that are signified by a single star. Swati has been highly regarded as the star for learning, and the abode of the Goddess of learning, Saraswati. The star is symbolised by a plant that is seen swaying by the force of wind. This representation of the nakshatra signifies a lot of aspects such as being restive, restlessness, flexibility, the state of being delicate, adaptability, with an inclination towards moving around and roaming free.


Another significance of the symbol of the nakshatra is the characterisation of Vayu, the Lord of the Wind, and that of His son (Vayuputra), Hanuman, one of the greatest Bhakta's of Lord Rama. Some of the characteristics of Hanuman include strength, agility, sincerity, morality, loyalty, and intelligence. However, the other extreme of the wind can be destructive in force, where the brutality of persistent winds can be a force to reckon with.


3 The Siddhakkad Temple:


According to the legend, the Siddhas, Padukkai Jadamudi Siddha and Prana Deepika Siddha, were in deep penance in the area  and consecrated a Shiva Linga in the place, under an Indian Gooseberry tree. The name of Shiva, Thatheeswarar, is derived from the Sanskrit translation of Indian gooseberry, which is Thathiri. Since the place featured Siddhas who prayed and performed penance, the town, which was once dense in vegetation, came to be called Siddhar kaadu, which means forests of the Siddhas. Later, the name became Chithukadu.


There are various carvings in the temple walls and pillars that are attributed to Siddhas, which urge devotees to pray in the temple to achieve longevity.


The temple is also special for Lord Muruga or Karthikeya – on the day of Karthika, the temple is seen in a special glow, with lots of lamps lit and prayers offered to Lord Muruga, not just on behalf of Swati starrers, but by all


4 Prayers at the temple:


The temple is known to be particularly relevant to those born in Swati Nakshatra, with many benefits such as long life and the removal of obstacles associated with impending weddings. Those who have heart problems are encouraged to pray in the temple, lighting lamps with ghee and offering them to the Lord.


Similarly, those who face obstacles in their marriages are advised to perform Abhishekha to Lord Shiva using gooseberry juice, to have their problems solved.


5 The Place:


Chithukudi is located at a distance of 8 km from Poonamalle, a place on the outskirts of Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. There are many buses available to travel to Poonamallee from Chennai. There would be vehicles that ply devotees from Poonamallee to Tirumazhisai. The temple is in the Pattabhiram road. There are no shops near by  and we have to go by purchasing all offerings before hand  consulting with the temple gurukkal. We have gone by taxi. While the abhshekam start at 8 AM. it is about 12 PM while alankaram is done, neivedyam offered and archana is done, with deeparadhana. Today when I visited for there were about hundred devotees visting the temple. After Archana Neivedyam Curd rice, Sarkara pongal, Panchamritham, Puliyotharai are offered to devotees. The priest makes the announcement after deeparadhana and most devotees  consume prasadam before leaving. A mandapm is there on the south east for relaxing. Homam is done here.


6 Sacred Energy Vortex:


Siththukkadu Sri Prsanna Kundalambhigai Samedha Sri Thaanthreeswarar Siva Temple Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple


The sacred site with most significance for Swati star is located at Sihthukkadu near Poondamalli in Tamil Nadu, India. This site connects the sacred shrines of Sri Thaanthreeswarar Siva Temple and Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple. It is important for those born under Swati star to visit the sacred energy vortexes of Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu at Siththukkaadu.


Swati is a saintly word that consists of energy representing the oneness of Siva and Vishnu. Worshipping at both these temples on Swati star day, Monday or Dwadhasi (12th waxing moon phase) would bestow grace and significant benefic effects for the solidarity of the Saivites and Vaishnavites.


Sri Prasanna Kundhalaambhigai Samedha Sri Thaandhreeswara Siva Moorthy is also a sacred shrine bestowing grace of yoga jothi, an energy that personify in the shape of sound and light. Mixing both light and sound is known as Kundala Yogam and through this mixture, Kundala Jothi comes forth.


On the Swati star day, at Siththukkaadu Siva temple aunqiue Kundala Jothi shines brightly. A small earthen lamp lit on Swati star day at this sacred shrine would bring KundalaJothi energy for the whole world.


7 Kubera Moorthy


Kubera Moorthy worshipped at the sacred shrine situated at Siththukkaadu, the place of manifestation of abundance of wealth. He performed penance for thousands of years by standing on the toe of his right foot and worshiping with Nagalinga flowers to Kundhalambhigai Samedha Sri Thaandhreeswarar. After performing abhishekham with the essence of Emblic Myrobalan fruit, he worshipped Lord Mahaa Vishnu in Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple. Kubera Moorthy was granted the blessing to provide assistance in the form of immense wealth to those worshipping with great devotion at this sacred shrine.


My note- In the temple premises Naga flower tree is there. Koovalam is also there.


8. Visit by other devotees


Swati star contains the energy of absorbing, spreading and fulfilling the divine energy on the divine objects such as rudraksha beads, bells, and sacred thread. Siththukkaadu is one of the sacred shrines where this energy can be easily accessed. In addition to those born under Swati star, visiting this sacred temple can benefit those who are married without the blessings of their parents or family members as well as doctors and people in the medical professions.


9 Deities


Moolavar       :       Thatheeswarar

Amman / Thayar   :       Poonguzhali


My note- Devi is offered, green sari, and green Bangales. Lord is offered Veshti Uthareeyam.


After abishekam the lord is worn dhothi, uthareeya, with 5 headed nagam on the head. He is nagaraja


Thala Virutcham   :       Gooseberry Koovalam

Theertham     :       A large pond is there, with good steps. But I found it is dried

Old year :       1000-2000 years old

Historical Name    :       Siddhakkadu

City :       Chithukadu

District    :       Chennai

State       :       Tamil Nadu


10 Festival:    


Sri Panchamurthy procession on Chitra Poornima day in April-May, Vinayaka Chaturthi in August-September, Shivrathri in February-March, Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January, Tirukarthikai in November-December, Aadi Kruthika in July-August, Thai Kruthika and Thai Poosam in January-February and Panguni Uthiram in March-April are the festivals of the temple.    


11 Temple's Speciality:       


Nandhi the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva appears soft in look, hence there is no nose rope.     


12 Opening Time:


The temple is open from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. 


12a  Address:


Sri Thatheeswarar Temple, (Chithukadu), South Mada Street, 1/144, Thirumanam Village, Via Pattabhiram, Vayalanallur Post, Chennai - 600072.       


Phone:       +91 93643 48700, 93826 84485


Priest Sri Viswanath- 9444562335


I contacted him for the pooja arrangements. Lord Siva is first given abhishekam with water, then gooseberry juice, then with milk, tender coconut water, sandal mix, holy ash etc..  We took milk and gooseberry juice,  pudavai green colour  to Devi with Bangles and all items for Archani.

13 General Information:     


There are shrines for Acharya Sri Sankara Baghwatpada and Mahalakshmi.


14 Prayers


Besides Swathi people generally worshipping for relief from adverse planetary effects, those facing obstacles in marriage proposals and those suffering from cardiac problems pray to Lord for solutions.


15 Thanks giving: 


Devotees perform abishek to Lord with gooseberry powder and juice and milk. They offer green vastras and bangles to Mother Poonguzhali Thayar and light ghee lamps in Her shrine. A number of garlands are offered. Devotees bring lot of flowers –in large quantities lotus, koovalam etc.


16 Greatness Of Temple:    


Wedding worship is mainly followed in this temple.  A king, while commencing the renovation of the temple, found the idol of Mother, named Her Poonguzhali and erected a shrine.  Those facing obstacles in their marriage proposals, perform abishek to Lord with gooseberry powder, juice and seeds and milk to Lord and offer green vastras and bangles to Mother and light ghee lamps.


There are carvings of some Siddhas in the pillars ensuring longevity to devotees.  Padukkai Jadamudi Siddha and Prana Deepika Siddhas are in the Nandhi shrine pillars.  Those facing heart trouble light ghee lamps in this shrine. This is the temple for Swathi starrers. 


Special abisheks are performed for Lord Muruga on Aadi and Thai Kruthika days and Panguni Uthiram day.  On the Karthika festival day, lamps are lit for all the 27 stars with special pujas.  10 day Margazhi festival is grandly celebrated.  The wedding festival for Lord Nataraja and Mother Sivakami is celebrated on Margazhi Tiruvadhirai day.  Those expecting to be married, worship on this day with all faith.


The sacred word Swathi has in it the combined graceful powers of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.  The letter 'Va' is in Namasivaya Mantra.  It also contains the sacredness of the seed letters in the names of Vishnu – Sundararajar, Vasudeva and Trivikrama.  Swathi starrers are advised to worship in the Chithukadu temple filled with the combined grace of Shiva and Vishnu.  They are advised to offer curd rice nivedhana with gooseberry pickle, tamarind rice and offer the same to the poor for a prosperous life.


17 Temple History:


Two great Siddhas, Padukkai Jadamudi Siddha and Prana Deepika Siddha performed penance in this place.  They installed a Shivalinga under a Gooseberry tree and named in Nelliappar.  Thathiri in Sanskrit means gooseberry and the Tamil name is Nelli.  As the place is fragrant, it is also called Tirumanam-good fragrance.  It is called Siddhar Kadu as Siddhas lived here.  In the days that followed it is Chitukadu now.

18. Other information


The temple is under HR and CE. The param -parai aramkavalar coordinate things in the  temple. The priests are very cordial and devoted.  The temple is maintained neatly. After opening temple, Jalabhiskekam is done to all deities, lamp is lighted and then only pooja starts. The abhishekam will take half an hour to all deities. Devotional songs on Lord Siva is played from the temple opening time. The temple is worth visiting.