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HH.Abhinava vidya theerthar & Bullock cart

Courtesy:Sri Vidyatheertha Foundation

Following is an incident showing Acharyal's 'Great Concern for Others' 
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Great Concern For Others

A disciple was driving Acharyal in His car, from Narasimhapura (near Sringeri) back to Sringeri, on a road that consisted of many ups and downs and did not have an asphalt surface. Their way was blocked by a bullock-cart.

The cart driver was coaxing his bullocks up a slope but the load coupled with excessive friction in the axle prevented the cart from moving up. In fact, the faulty axle led to the cart swerving sharply to the right when the bullocks put in additional effort. On seeing Acharyal the cart driver jumped down from his vehicle and stood reverentially. He then tried to push his cart to the extreme edge of the road to enable Acharyal"s car to pass. Since the road was narrow, the clearance for the car was not much but, nonetheless, sufficient. Acharyal told His disciple not to proceed and ordered His attendant to lend a helping hand to the cart man, who, however, said that he would manage, for he did not want Acharyal to wait on his account.

Acharyal, for His part, felt that the man needed aid and therefore must be helped before proceeding. They got down from the car and pushed the cart while the cart driver egged the bullocks on. Acharyal was unwell and so was observing the scene from His seat. He called out to His disciple and said, "Do not try to just push the wheel by the axle. Push the spokes and you shall get better leverage. Alternatively, you can hold the rim of the wheel". Till then their struggles had been in vain but when they implemented Acharyal"s suggestion they were glad to find that the cart inched its way up the slope. Soon the slope was ascended and thereafter the bullocks were in a position to drag the faulty cart of their own accord. Acharyal asked His disciple to slowly follow the cart in the car to lead it to its destination.

On the way He said, "How could I have ever thought of proceeding without helping this man who was in trouble? It would have been most unfair and improper to have left him stranded and struggling. If only I had been well or even a little stronger, I would certainly have joined you in pushing the cart up the slope".

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