Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jupiter Transit (July 2015) - Guru Stavarajam By Sage Vyasa from Dharma Puranam

Courtesy:Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. Jupiter is transiting into Simha Rasi next Saturday (6-July-2015, and a few days later according to different Panchanga systems) and in that connection, I am happy to attach a short and sweet prayer consisting of 27 holy names of Lord Guru/Brihaspati, taken from Brihad Dharma Puranam, Uttara Khanda, Chapter 11. The brief Phalashruti promises enrichment of intellect and  auspicious travels for the chanter.

Jupiter transit, though a yearly affair, is one of the significant planetary transits as Jupiter is considered a full Shubha-graha and whose grace fructifies the benefits bestowed by other planets. For example, Venus may give comforts but unless Jupiter is well disposed, one may not really enjoy those comforts. Strength of Guru in one's horoscope almost nullifies all other deficiencies, as I am told. From that perspective, Guru's transit gains much importance, the other being Saturn.

In this materialistic era, planetary movements impel hyper-economic activity - at least for the astrologers and those temples associated with transits!! On Thursdays, all Guru/Dakshinamurthy/Hayagriva/Sudarshana Sannadhis will have festive look and one may not be able to enter the temple even. So are Sri Venkateshwara and Anjaneya Sannadhis on Saturdays! For the rest of the week, the respective Lords will be earnestly onlooking for devotees! It is as if those Lords are capable of doing Anugraha only on those days and remain castrated for the remaining week!! Stated conversely, it could be that we want those Lords to bless only on a specific day because we have to cover so many Lords on other days !!!

To illustrate - Thiruvalithayam is a famous Guru Sthala in Padi, Chennai and it is quite possible that one may not be able to even go near the temple on Thursdays now. About 15 years ago, the temple was hardly known and famous although it is one of the 275 Padal-Petra-Sthalams. The same temple used to be deserted on other days!

May the ensuing Jupiter transit fulfill all your wishes and aspirations!