Friday, June 26, 2015

Bhaja Govindam by Bombay Gnanam

courtesy: Sri.Ganapathy Subramanian

Yesterday evening it was threatening to rain. I wanted to go to Mylapore Fine Arts to see the stage Play "BAJAGOVINDAM" by Srimathi. Bombay Gnanam. Finaly I decided to go with my family and we were late by 10 minutes.
This is one of the best play we have ever visited after Kalki's PonniyinSelvan. This is Aadhi Sankarar's life depicted in a ver nice way. The real beauty is almost all of the acrors are women.

They desreve all the praise and wishes.
The same show will be again staged at Vani Mahal, T. Nagar during June 15-18.
I was taken aback as the play was conducted FREE. It should have costed some good amount in lakhs. Every one of us donated some amount.
Those who have missed this play should see the play  and encourage them.