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Father has to take bath in river by blowing water when the child is born and Pithrukkal will be happy on seeing it as the new generation has come to do the Anushtanams .

Agni manthras to purify the child

Agni is there in creation , maintenance and destruction of human life . Agni knows everything .He is called jatha veda . .Veda says "Angathenga sambhavasi" . You have come from all my "Angams"( of father) . Semen has spread all over the body . You have come from my heart and My atman is your atman says veda manthra which the father chant during the Jathakarma. By chanting angi manthra for 15 minutes , the power of agni will remove all asudham or impurity both mentally and physically from baby'.Manthra will also remove all Balarishtam It will remove both mental and physical disturbances .Dharma Sasthra has given preference to attain both mental and physical comfort , growth and maturity with the help of manthras. The manthra with meaning "You have to be strong like stone. Like that the emotions should not overcome you . You have to face enemies or blow from outside like parasu ( Kodali)" is chanted .

Saying Nakshathra name in childs year as first identity

I am showing my love towards you by gently patting you on your fore head and father has to smell the Brahmarabdhram ( that is in utchanthalai). For children this portion there will be a very small hole . . In right ear , father will say the name of nakshathram . The child is hearing the nakshathra said by father first and nakshathram is the first identification for child..

Controlling the 3 doshas with manthra and improving the brain power

. "Dhathi kritham" and "madhu kritham" will be put in tongue of child in jatha karma. Ghee and Curd mix is dhatikritham . Brain improvement have to come is what manthra says at this time.Ayurveda said kabha disease will come very fast for child . "Mathu kritham ethi samsidhya ".
Gold (gold ring ) immersed in honey and ghee will be just applied in child's tongue . Both should be taken together not in equal quantity . That is why gold is mixed . Madhu will cut down kapham . Theja will come through ghee. "Dadi" or curd is for indran and for yaga.

Giving mothers milk and praying for Long life and well being of child

Then facing the east , right breast should be given along with manthra . Everything there is manthra and father says on behalf of child . Milk contains everything especially in the milk of mother. By saying manthra by which the child will get "Deerkayusue" , Varchas , Yesas , balam .. If we face sun and do anushtanams and karamas the effects is more . . . Milk will be more when face east . Right side of body is more powerful .the milk from left breast will come to right bread. .Keep the boy in earth and when touched the earth only he will be pure .

Protection for child from negative forces

There are certain forces or insects it would be staying away from eyes and suddenly some attraction comes , all will come ( here to disturb the child), same like how the ant comes seeing the sweet and till that we see ants nowhere . Like that there are many different negative forces in the nature and the child should be protected from it When the child sleeps, there are negative forces which disturb him , water will be kept in "kumbham" and will be rotated around the head and kept .

Bhaleekarana homam for removing "gruha peeta"( Planetary Doshas) , negative forces and disease spreading through Air

Asyakumara bhaleekarana peeta pariharartham , bhaleekarana homam karishey".Ayurvedam recommending the bhaleekarana homam.
"Thavidu" and "kadudku" will be taken in a "Murum" as "Murum " is pure as it contains the "gomayam". "Kadauku" will remove "rekshobadai" and "thavidu" will remove the" durdevatha" or negative forces which affects the child . Vedam is telling that . Ayurveda also tells about the balagraha peeta .Ayurveda also recommending the homam as it is not possible in ayurveda. Suddenly child is crying . After drinking milk child is vomiting ,like this there are many problems . These are all different gryuha peeta and we cannot know how to ask and child dont know how to tell . Hence treatment is not possible. Bhaleekarana Homa will be done in Loaukeekagni .," . Thavidue will remove .rakshoubhadai and also kaduku will remove the presence of negetive energies .20 Homam will be done with kaduku and Thavidue .This homam the prayer goes to air to stop or arrest the disease spreading through Air which will affect the child very quickly and hence we say "Marudhwa ethannamam" . Veda explains the name of negative forces having . 4 thaali , 5 legs , 2 body . The names like . "Soorahasthan" , "kapalapan" for them are said in vedas which may be the vorsu affecting the child as per modern science . . many thing are not possible to see with eyes so cannot see how it goes from one place to other .

nandi Sradham

To get the result of Jatahkarma , nandi sardham should be done

Shradham -To have" samruddi" , Nada ehti thi nanadi meaning . to have prosperity . Also the Nandi can be done as hiranyam that is by giving the money . . Nandi sardham will done and also puyaham will be done . Punayavachanam will be completed only , nandi sradham will be complete . There is Punyaham as karamangam and also punyaham for sudhi .Here it is done as karamangam . All should not drink punyaham theertha but only for those in the family .
Where there is no possibility for cooking and also no possibility for giving Bhojanam due to theetu , there only "Arisi , Vazhakkai" is permitted as there is no other way here .because of Valaimai theetue , one cannot cook and also cannot have sadyai .
Bheeja Danam

Bheeja danam after Nandi Sradham will be done

" Dhanyam karothi dhatharam , ehaloka parathracha , praninanm jeevanam dhanyam , atah santhim prayachame". Dhanyam will make him dhanyan." . Bheeja devathai should give long life for child .

Sugar will be given . one child have come. for following and spreading the great Dharma Sugar will be given to everyone even before starting the Jathakarma

Jathakaram should be done withiin 3.45 nazhikai of child birth
If not possible at the time of birth , jathakarma to be done done on 11th after" theetu goes" , jathakaram to be done before namakarmam and also cannot done after 3.45 nazhikai after the birth . Jathakarama is must before nama karanam . .

jathakarma started there is no theetu or (Valamai here) and then once ended , theetue will come again ,