Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vaishnava Samhita: Vol. I, Book 1, Chapter 1, Sloka 41 - 45

Courtesy: Sri.Mukundan

ராதே கிருஷ்ணா,
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The numerous great sages who appeared in India propagated noble virtues such as Truth, Non-violence, Service to mankind, Humanity, Compassion and Patience. The lives and teachings of such noble saints inspire people to walk on the path of righteousness. Mahatma Sri Krishnapremi in his work titled Vaishnava Samhitai presents the life histories of those great sages in a lucid manner.
Vaishnava Samhita: Vol. I, Book 1, Chapter 1, Sloka 41 - 45 


Ityukta Nirjarah Sarve Munyascha Sakautukam Pratikshamana Bhaktanamavataram Dharatale Paramanandachinmurtim Pranamya Madhusudanam Evancha Tadanugnyatah Samprapuh Svaniketanam.

Listening to these words of the Lord, all the devas and saints felt relieved and happy. Paying their respects to Lord Madhusoodana, the very embodiment of eternal bliss, they took leave of Him and reached their abodes, anticipating the advent of the devotees on the earth.

Bhagavanapi Tatraiva Bhaktanahuya Satvaram Preshayamasa Krupaya Jagad Uddharanayavai

The Lord, at once called all the great devotees and due to His mercy, sent them down to this earth in order to liberate this world from Kali.

Te Sarve Vaishnava Loke Vishnoh Evagnaya Punah Avirbhutascharanti Sma Jivanmuktah Sunirmalah

All these devotees of Lord Vishnu descended on the earth again on the explicit command of the Lord and traversed its length and breadth as the immaculate and emancipated souls.

Tesham Mahatmanamadya Sarvakalpesha Nashanam Vakshyami Charitam Punyam Bhakta Shrotrasukhavaham

Now, I am going to narrate the life-stories of these great souls. That sweet narration, having the power to bestow all good boons, is capable of eradicating the evil propensities of Kali.

Thus ends Chapter One, entitled 'Kalidharmaniroopanam' of Book I of Shri Vaishnava Samhita composed by Shri Shri Krishna Premi Swamigal.