Sunday, April 19, 2015

Invitation for children to join sampradaya bhajan class - Chance to come in TV


Radhekrishna ! 
Alangudi Namasankeerthana Trust is happy to share with you all that the Sampradhaya Bhajan Classes are going to be video recorded professionally for broadcasting in a leading Television Network and to have a permanent source for knowing the much sought after sampradhayam in respect of bhajans. It has been decided tentatively that the audition will be from 11th May 2015. As decided already, Udayalur Balarama Bhagavathar will be taking the lessons for the students who are selected to participate. The venue is yet to be finalised. It may either be in Alangudi or Chennai ( Nanganallur). If you want your children to participate you may SMS your desire. We have planned to arrange this recording in the month of May with a view to facilitate the participation of interested children. As it is our maiden venture, we need your moral support. Hope by the grace of Satguru Gnananda, the mission will be successful - R.Kalyanaraman, 9444922848