Monday, March 30, 2015


COURTESY: Sri.Nurani Sangameswaran


Chapter 9 is one of the most interesting and important chapters from the philosophical point of view. It also helps one to reach such spiritual heights as to understand the nonduality.

Lord Brahma, after his generation through the lotus sprouted from the navel of Sriman Narayan, lying as such on the soft bed made of the wriggled and twined body of Adi Sesha, started exploring outside about his own origin.

Detailed descriptions have been mentioned about Adi Sesha and the visualization of Sriman Narayan by Lord Brahma in the previous chapter.

Not able to get answers, he delves deep into the water of ocean travelling through the tunnels within the stem of the lotus flower. Even after reaching to the bottom he could not comprehend anything. Thereafter, convinced that there is a superior power responsible for his own creation, started doing intense penance.

It was after this intense meditation and prayers, he could visualize Sriman Narayan in the form and shape described in detail. Thereafter, Lord Brahma praises about the glories of the Supreme Almighty, upon which He blesses him to go ahead with the creation work.

The expression of thoughts by Lord Brahma and the subsequent presentation have very high spiritual and philosophical intent all through. The identity of everything into that One Supreme Truth have been explained so much in detail. The prayers of Lord Brahma on That Supreme Almighty are so profound that they are worth repeating and reciting every day after understanding their meaning.

Every word and every line is so inspiring in this Chapter, as is the case in others as well. The seekers will definitely benefit by reading and understanding this Chapter as this is the eye opener for proper understanding of ourselves first and of all other beings, be it life forms or non life forms, in this universe.

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