Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chapter 11, Volume 3 - Bhagavatham


Chapter 11, Volume 3 has been added to the website::

The matters dealt with this in this chapter are:

Does The Supreme Param Brahma - Akshara Brahmam - come under the control of the eternal flow of time?

"Kaala Parinaama Niroopanam"
The determination of the flow of the eternal time factor and its consequential effects.

As the heading itself shows, this chapter deals with the essence of what is meant by the flow of the eternal time factor. From where it starts and how far it is spread out? Does The Supreme Param Brahma - Akshara Brahmam - come under the influence or the control of this eternal time factor? What is the unit of time? How the time is measured?

These are very interestingly and elaborately discussed in this chapter 11, volume 3 - Srimad Bhagavatham - through the discourse of Maitreya Maharshi to the questions put before him by Vidhura.

In the process of studying this chapter one can see how easily the subjects like Atoms, Space science, the Universe and its origin, the worlds beyond the perceptive Universe etc. have been dealt with. More than that the beginning and the end of everything, the life span of even Lord Brahma etc. have been properly explained. The calculation of the life of the worlds and the lifespan of the inhabitants in these worlds have been described in detail.

If everything is under the control of the eternal time factor, then what is the One which is beyond that. That is known as the Akshara Brahmam (the one which is ever permanent without any change and which does not depend upon anything and always for ever Sat Chit Anand - the Ultimate Truth - ).

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