Monday, April 22, 2013

Sri Jagannatha Sahasranamam

Courtesy:Sri.Krishnan Muralidharan
Dear All,
Greetings and Namaste. For those who follow Hindu Solar Calendar (Sauramanam), may I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year (Vijaya) starting tomorrow (14-April-2013). May This New Year usher in abundance, fulfilment and elevation in stature in all pursuits in your lives.
As Hindu traditions revolve around prayers and pranams to the Lord in various forms regardless of the occasion, I am happy to attach a very rare Sri Jagannatha Sahasranama such that the new year may start on an elevated note with Lord Jagannatha's blessings. This Sahasranama is said to be from Brahma Purana but I have not seen this in the print edition. Interestingly, this Sahasranama is also given by Sri Bhishma to King Yudhishthira, similar to the commonly used Vishnu Sahasranama from Mahabharata.
My sincere thanks and pranams are due to Sri. Balu  who sent me a copy of this in Odissi language - I was not aware that such a Sahasranama existed until he sent. In the same token, thanks are also due to Shri. Rathikanth Rath in my Distribution List who obliged with the transliteration from Odissi to English as the original copy was an image.
I am not sure whether the Sahasranama is complete as the stanzas are conspicuously less - though I have not tallied the no. of names to 1000. There could also be a few errors as I could not understand a few words/stanzas and made my best guess.
Last but not least - I was less frequent with my distribution for the past few months due a family religious function in March. In the last two months, I had received many many requests and enquiries from several existing and new acquaintances but unfortunately I could not reply to any of them. My sincere apologies. Though I do not intend to stop my mailings altogether (like the past 3 months) from now on, I may still be slower for the next 3-4 months due to work pressures - request your understanding.
May I once again wish you a Very Happy New Year Vijaya.