Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ramakrishna vilomakavyam-Palindrome

Courtesy: Sri.Sai balasubramaniam
रामकृष्णविलोमाकाव्यं - A rare palindromic poetry.
Sanskrit is famous for certain specialities, one of them being the
Palindrome like "विकटकवि".
This poetic composition, which was written by the scholar Dyvagyna Surya
Pandita in the 14th Century, is a marvelous example of palindromic verses.
It also has another speciality - This set of poems, when read forward
relate to Rama and the Ramayana, and when read in reverse relate to Krishna
and the Mahabharata.
(Forward) तं भूसुतामुक्तिमुदारहासं वन्दे यतो भव्यभवम् दयाश्रीः ।
"I pay my homage to Him who rescued Sita, whose laughter is captivating,
whose incarnation is
grand, and from whom mercy and splendor arise everywhere."
(Backward) श्रीयादवं भव्यभतोयदेवं संहारदामुक्तिमुतासुभूतम् ॥
"I bow before that Sri Krishna, the descendent of Yaadava family; who is a
divinity of the sun as
well as the moon; who destroyed Putana who only gave destruction; and who
is the soul of all
this universe."
The entire kavyam can be found here:

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  1. Thanks for clear explanation. I would like to add few more points. This poem is in Tristup chandassu and indravajra vruttam.Just because it is tristup it has to be four lines with 11 letters each.Hence the 3rd and 4th are palindromic to 2nd and 1st lines. Thus the first two lines correspond to Rama and the 3rd and 4th correspond to Krishna.