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Atma bhodendra

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Mahaperiyava Miracles
Discovery of Atma-bhodendral Adhistanam by Mahaperiyva
Before we read the miracle we should know about who is Atma Bodhendral. The details of which are given below.
Sri Atma Bodhendra Saraswati (1586 – 1638)
Sri Atma Bodhendra Saraswati , the 58th Acharya of Sri Kanchi kamakoti Peetam, was a native of Vruddhachalam, Tamilandu and born in the year 1586. His pre-sanyasa name was Visvesvara. He toured extensively and stayed at Benares for a long time. He wrote a Bhasya on the Sri Rudram. It was Atma Bodha who directed Sadasiva Brahmendra to write the Gururatna Malika. Atma Bodhendra was the Guru of Bhagavan Nama Bhodhendra who instructed Bodendral to spread Bhagavan Namam. Baghavan Nama Bhodendral who later retired to Govindapuram to establish Nama Sidantha and spread bagavan nama. Sri Atma Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamiji attained mukti on the banks of the river South Pinakini, known in Tamil as Then Pennai on Krishna Ashtami in the month of Tula of the cyclic year Eswara (1638 AD). The Adhistanam of Sri Atma Bodhendra Saraswathi Swamiji is located at the place, now known as Vadavambalam, near Panrutti. The Adhistanam was discovered by the directions of His
Holiness Pujyasri Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati or Mahaperiyava (details of which are painted on the walls of the adhistanam) and was consecrated on 17 January 1927.
Discovery of Atma-bhodendral Adhistanam
In the year 1926 while on padayatra Mahaperiyava was crossing Vizhupuram. Periyava got a divine call and suddenly entered a Village called "Vadavambalam" along with his sishyas. Mahaperiyava then enquired the elderly people in that village whether they know about any Sannyasi who lived in that village? Unfortunately no one was aware of any such sannyasi. However one old person in the crowd came forward and told Periyava that he heard that some few hundred years back there lived a Sannyasi who later attained samadhi in that Village but unfortunately there is no trace available currently about the exact place where the Sannyasi attained Samadhi.
Paramachrya realized that is the place, where the 58th Pontiff of Kanchi Kama Koti Peetam Sri Atma Bodhendra Saraswati who was the Guru of Bhodendra Saraswati Swamigal of Govindapuram, must have attained samadhi. He then wandered the entire village and while crossing a plaintain field He sensed some thing different and told one of his sishya who accompanied him to dig one particular spot.
One Kumaramangalam Sambamoorthy Shastrigal was supervising the activity. When the digging was in progress suddenly there was a huge crying voice from Sambamoorthy Shastrigal "Don't Dig…. Don't Dig" and fell unconscious on the filed. The sishya who was was digging shocked and stopped digging. He then gave water to Shastrigal who woke up to reality after a long gap. Shastrigal then told the following which is breathtaking.
" I saw one Sannyasi in front of me. He was standing from earth to sky wearing rudraksha, having kamandal in his hands, wearing saffron dress, wearing vibhuthi in his forehead and about thousands of vedic brahmins were chanting vedas, then that Sannyasi uttered "Don't dig, Don't Dig" and then that big figure reduced to a small size and vanished. Later I heard somebody chanting "Sadasivam! Sadasivam!". Then I don't know what happened to me". Hearing above Mahaperiyva confirmed is guess that is place where Sri Atma Bhodendra Saraswati would have attained Samadhi. Later in the year 1927 on January 17th Periyava conscreated a Shivaling on the Spot and constructed a Brindhavana to Atma Bhodendral. Now the aradhana to atma bhodendral happens every year there in Vadavambalam near Vizhupuram. Let us workship Mahaperiyva and Atmabhodendral who initiated bhodendral to establish nama siddantha!

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.

  Every moment, thank God

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