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Brahma muhurtham

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Brahmi Muhurtham
Dear friends 
Today my posting is about Brahmi muhurtham. Currently Sun rise is as early as 5.30 AM and I get up by 5 or even 4.30 AM. The simple reason is I feel full sleep is over to me by the time though I go to bed by 11-11.30 PM only. But late hours while watching TV most of the days I fall in to sleep which was common for me while going for 2nd shows for cinemas on my college days. 
It was a practice when I was a student in school we had no electricity and my father will wake up by 4.30 AM and light Lantern and again wake me to read at least three times before my actual get up. Some times added by mother too in high pitch. 
How ever after 7 AM I used to get sleep and wake up by 8.30 or so and hurry to school after all paraphernalia. 
During college days I used to wake up by early morning only, reading and writing late 10 PM. On those days 10 PM was late night and not 11.30 PM as today. 
I had just an information that early morning is called Brahma muhurtham and easier to study. But waking up was a problem since we are all normal human beings. It is the time in boy hood I used to get maximum sleep and feel tired. On Saturday and Sunday on that account I was never woke up in the early morning
Gopala Krishnan 9-6-2011
1. Kani kanum neram Kamala Netranatae.. 
Except a few temples like Trichur, most of the temples in Kerala open in the early morning. We get Nirmalaya darsanam of the deity at that time. In Guruvayur many people get ready waking early morning at 3.30 AM itself to see Nirmalyam. This is during Brahmi muhurtham.
In Trichur Vadakkumnatha temple I am told the temple opens early 3 AM itself in the morning well before Brahmi muhurtham. 
2. Nilavilakku at Aravathil 
It was a practice on those days to light the Nilavilakku in the early morning before the ara and keep the front door open so that any person going in the front street can see the lamp. 
In fact it was a confirmation that it is early morning for those people from royal families who go to bathing ghat and take bath in the early morning. This practice is still continuing among women folk of royal family though early morning has changed to morning now in my native. 
My mother used to wait for bath till the royal family members return after bath in the morning from the river ghats. Probably it was a un written rule that early morning is allotted to royal family members using ghats. 
It was not compulsory to light lamp only after bath. Early morning washing face was sufficient to light the lamp. This was once on some other discussion confirmed by my Astrology Guru R S Iyer.
According to him when he said for some purpose light lamp in the early morning, mental pureness was sufficient ( Atma suddi)
3. Nama japam
Though Nama japam was a must immediately nilavilakku was lighted in the evening , it was not so much insisted other than a prayer in the morning in my child hood days. 
Now lighting lamp is restricted in most houses to pooja room and time is shifted after lady folk take bath. It is considered a taboo to enter pooja room in the morning before bath. So the nilavilakku is lighted by 6 or 7 or 8 AM as per convenience. 
As far as evening is concerned, many serials with Bhakthi as theme or programs like sandhya deepam is there in TVs. Listening to them is considered more than reciting a few god's names. This includes elders too. ( I talk in general and not exception) 
4. Naranayingane janichhu bhoomilyi�
In fact I desired to start my posting with these lines, thanks to my excellent recollection and memory, like a flickering old tube light lighting some what Ok, now I got the lines
"Naranayinganae Janichu bhoomiyil
Naraka varidhi thannil jnan
Eae narakthil ninnannee Karakettidanam 
Thiruvaikam vazhum Siva sambho "
Lord Siva, I am by birth in this earth which is an ocean of hell ,. Kindly save me from this hell � an approximate translation.
Gone are the days such prayers before the Nilavilakku in the morning. Probably no body feel life so bad now. 
5. What is Brahmi muhurtham 
It is the time 48 minutes prior to sunrise. So if the sun rise is at 5.30 AM now, Brahmi muhurtham is from 4,45 ARE to 5.30 AM. I have read else where it is 90 minutes. Probably the last 48 minutes may be more important. 
6. Importance of this Brahmi Muhurtham
This time is good for academics, purohits for learning. 'Braahmi' means Saraswathi, the Goddess of intellect. The above specified time is auspicious for gaining and sustaining intelligence and knowledge, owing to which it is called Braahmi Muhurtham. 
It is during Braahmi muhurtham that Sun god spreads his rays just as a peacock spreading its feathers. He starts spreading his light and energy throughout the world. The light rays from the Galaxies influence the human brain. The nascent sun spreads thousand arms in the form of rays across the sky, which emits light-blue divine rays. 
These rays bring to life the cells and the brain in human body. Lord Surya is also the god of life. If the man can synchronise his senses with these rays during this hour he will be empowered with unchallengeable energy. This observation was endorsed by our sages.
This is the time when the life under the sun still remains in deep sleep supported by the tranquil and pleasant environment, the sages and munis spread the power of penance, which comes out in the form of high powered electrical and magnetic charge, for the upliftment of the living creatures on the earth. If one keep awake during these hours, it is possible to benefit from this charge. 
James Allen is an American scientist. He opines that "each of us think scientifically rising early is good for health. It increases blood circulation. Body gains energy. This energy helps him spend the entire day enthusiastically. 
Waking at down blossoms the intellect. Solution can be found for any kind problems since one can examine the problem analytically during those hours. ( Whether wake up from bed or not, if we are awake, best solutions are obtained to our problems during the time. )
The brain remains calm and whatever is read is firmly understood and

Early in the mornings the weather is tranquil. Oxygen is present in greater ratio. Lungs get healthy air. When the warm rays of the sun fall on the skin there will be no skin diseases. Sweat pores will be is the opinion of physiologists. 

7. Advantages of Brahmi Muhurtham
There are other advantages of waking up at Braahmi Muhurtham. Throughout the night the wind takes unimaginable amounts of Amrutham (elixir) from the rays of the moon and the stars. This wind provides a healthy cover in the atmosphere at dawn. The air during Braahmi Muhurtam is called 'Veeravayu'. 
The Veeravayu helps the body maintain good health, increases the facial glow, inspires the mind and sharpens the intellect. 
At dawn, it is said, manes in the other world are at peace and gain strength. This strength spreads across the world. 
This posting has some inputs from what I read about Brahmi muhurtham in acharya on


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